Changing Your Playroom as your Child Grows

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Children grow up fast. When your little one was just a newborn, you had to make sure that their playroom fit them. Now they’re walking and talking and getting into everything! The problem is, the room doesn’t change with them. They need more space to roam around in, but it’s still too cramped for them to do anything fun without knocking something over or tripping over their own feet. What are some ways that you can breathe new life back into this once cozy play area?

Changing Your Playroom as your Child Grows

When you are a parent, it is important to keep your child entertained. One way to do this is by changing the playroom as they grow up. You might want to have different themes and focus on different toys for each stage of their development. This will help them learn new things and stay interested in playing with others more often! Here are some ways you can change your playroom as they grow:

Make the Flooring Soft

If you have hardwood or tile flooring, the perfect place to play, it can become very rough on your little knees. Kids crawl around and explore without fear of injury after a while! Cover your floors with carpet, mats, Pakistani rugs, or even a nice sheet of fabric to make it more comfortable. A cozy and comfortable play area will keep them occupied for hours! The soft flooring also provides a nice way to find their balance while learning how to walk.

Add Soft Toys and Pillows

As your child gets closer to toddler age, the floor becomes less interesting-it is where they eat snacks or play with toys in an upright position! Make sure there is plenty of seating near the floor so that they can perch on a pillow or two and enjoy an activity. The soft toys are great for the toddler age because they can be easily carried around, giving them something to play with wherever they go!

Add Plenty of Puzzles

Toddlers love exploring their surroundings using all five senses-see what you can find in this room is one example of a game that can be played with any number of objects. A huge selection of puzzles is available for toddlers and preschoolers, so you will never lack something to do! Besides, other learning games like counting games and matching games are great for this age too.

Add Shelves/Tables Off the Ground

Toddlers are known as explorers-they love anything they can get their hands on, no matter how messy it might make their clothes. So, we recommend shelves at their height or tables where they can climb up too! Baskets also look great on the shelves-they’re great for storing toys, and they can be used to sort objects too.

Maybe you want a theme?

This is fun because it allows them to explore their imagination and guide what kinds of things go where. In other words, this makes clean-up time easy! You might have themes like “Under the Sea” or “Insects in Their Holes.” This is just a starting point, but you can get as creative as your child!

Changing Your Playroom as your Child Grows - amazing playroom

Add a Rug/Play Mat

Kids of any age love to play on the floor-in fact, it is one of the best ways for them to explore and develop new skills. But, you will need an area rug if your child has carpet. The carpet holds in a lot of the dirt and debris that gets tracked into your home. Wool rugs are also a great way to make the room cozy, warm, and inviting.

Add a Child’s Desk 

Toddlers and preschool-aged children may need some help with writing letters and numbers, but they can start to learn how to use crayons or markers on paper when it is in easy reach for them. A child desk will also give your little one their own space that they get to decorate and play with.

Paint the Walls 

A baby’s room is all about a soft, bright color palette that will be soothing their developing eyesight. As your child grows older, they may start gravitating more towards bolder colors like reds or dark blues, for example. Painting an accent wall in these hues will give them a big burst of color and allow you to transition the rest of the room as they get older.

Changing Your Playroom 

It may be time for new exploration for your growing child! A good way to keep kids entertained is by getting creative – there’s nothing like taking something out of a traditional box and using it for an unexpected purpose. If your child is interested in art, then maybe you could paint on the walls? You can also make curtains from old sheets or create custom placemats with markers to spruce up their table setting! Your child might be feeling like they need more space for their toys, so a good way to do this is by building shelves or getting an extra dresser that can fit in the room.

Provide Comfy Seating Options

Suppose you have a loft or two-story house, great! You can make the playroom upstairs while using the space on the ground level as their place to take naps and hang out. But if they are all downstairs, find comfortable seating options like chairs, couches, or floor cushions. Nursery ideas include comfortable seating for parents!

Add a Reading Corner and Shelves

Encourage your child to read by adding shelves with books or magazines, painting the walls in pretty colors like blue or green, and providing plenty of cushions. A reading corner is great if they are an early reader because you can have them make their bed on the floor with pillows and blankets. As they grow, your child will be able to organize their things into individual cubbies or drawers so you can take out some of the shelves if needed. If everything is on open shelving, it’s more likely that toys will fall off! To make a reading corner, try putting bookcases against opposite walls and putting a rug in the middle.

Make the Space More Interactive

As your child grows, you want them to explore and learn new things with different types of toys for each stage in their development. This is why we recommend having an old-fashioned dresser or chest that can open up and give off a sensory experience. You can also create an area for a toddler to practice walking with their walker or training wheels by putting the furniture against walls and leaving some space in front of it, so they’ll have room to explore while learning how to balance themselves on two feet!

In Conclusion

So, what does your child’s playroom look like now? Do you have a designated spot for their favorite toys and games? What about the rug that was once so cozy to sit on but is now completely worn out from years of use. It might be time to think about changing things up. You can buy soft chobi rugs at RugKnots in many sizes, shapes, colors, and textures! We also offer free shipping, which means there’s no excuse not to spruce up your child’s home space today!

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