Tips for Chainsaw Care and Maintenance

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The two main parts of a chainsaw include the chain which is built like a bicycle chain that runs around gear wheels, as well as the engine that powers it. With a chainsaw, you would be able to cut through wood ten times quicker than you would if you use a hand saw. However, to ensure that your chainsaw performs according to your expectations, you must follow the correct chainsaw care and maintenance procedures.

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In line with this, below are some great tips when it comes to chainsaw care and maintenance.

General Maintenance Tips

Before you use your chainsaw, make it a point to check the bar, as well as the chain oil level. Conversely, to make your cutting more efficient, ensure that the chains are sharp. This will prevent kickbacks, making you safer in handling this huge tool. After you use it, make sure to take off any debris that is stuck into it before storing it away.

Sharpening Your Chainsaw

It is important to keep the cutting teeth of your saw sharp, not only for efficiency but for your safety as well. Research on the simplest ways on how you will be able to do this and for sure you will be able to find a chainsaw sharpener guide online that can be of help. Nevertheless, remember to put the chainsaw in a vise so keep the chains steady as you work on it. Also, engage the chain brake and start with sharpening the cutting teeth first. Make use of the proper file size, which you will be able to find in your user’s manual. Also, file at the correct angle and file each tooth in the same number of file strokes which is typically about three to six times. Just be careful with the depth gauges because too much filling can cause them to bite deeply into the wood, causing you to lose your balance when you cut.

chainsaw on the stump

Focus on the Chain

Aside from sharpening your chainsaw, you also need to properly tension the chain because if the chains are too tight, it can stall your saw. It can even cause your gear to overheat. On the other hand, when you have a new chain to replace an old one, make sure to soak it in bar and chain oil for a couple of hours before assembling it into your saw. This will ensure that it is well lubricated and ready for use. Once you have installed it in your saw, let your saw run until it is warm because the chain will loosen when it heats up. After this, you need to tension the chain once again.

In conclusion, to make sure that your chainsaw is working properly each time you use it, keep in mind to exert the extra effort in maintaining it. Aside from routine cleaning, also remember to sharpen it, focusing on the chains. But also remember to maintain the motor of your engine, particularly your air filter. In this way, you can expect that your chainsaw will work as you expect it to function for a long time.

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