Cautions to Take When Looking for the Free Stoner Stuff

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There are many expenses to keep track of as a stoner, and not all of it comes cheap. When you’re looking to lighten the financial load a bit, finding free stoner stuff can be a blessing in disguise.

Cautions to Take When Looking for the Free Stoner Stuff

However, not all free stuff is as legitimate as it sounds. When you don’t want to be scammed, or worse, have anything illegal happen, you have to take precautions. Here are guidelines to follow when you’re looking for stoner freebies:

Website Credibility

When you’re looking through various websites trying to score some free stoner items, you have to ensure that the websites you’re looking at are legitimate. Many websites operate as a front while stealing your private information and distributing it to other services for money. If you’re unsure whether a website is credible, you can generally find out by looking through the website. Your browser will automatically alert you if you’re going to an unsecured website. Another aspect that can be off about the website is the design. You might have to face a lot of pop-up ads and glitchy buttons when you’re trying to go through the website.


Even when you’re getting freebies, you have to ensure that they’re quality pieces. You don’t want to receive a piece that ends up getting broken within the first few hours of using it. Customer reviews can generally tell you whether a product is of good or bad quality. If you’re looking to get more information about the quality of the free items, you should go ahead and check the reviews. You should also check on other forums whether the products provided by the website are of good quality and durability.


When you’re expecting free stoner stuff, the last thing you want is your private information being leaked online for everyone to see. Sometimes, even when you’re looking to get freebies, the shop will ask for your payment information just to ensure that you’re not a bot. When you’re entrusting your payment information to a third party, you have to ensure that you’re making the right decision in doing so. Ensure that the payment gateway is completely secure and there are no chances of your information being leaked out anywhere.


Shipping is an essential aspect of any promotional campaign. Not all smokers like to broadcast the fact that they smoke. However, not all shops will provide shipping services to your liking. If you’re looking for a shop that doesn’t let your neighbors know what you’re buying, you have to see whether there is a discreet shipping option available. Discreet shipping enables you to receive your package safely without anyone knowing what you have received.

Freebie Items on Offer

When looking for freebie items, you have to see what they’re offering. They might be offering you a hand pipe that you already own. Many websites also offer various items, and you can pick which one you get. Other websites operate on a lottery basis, which means you won’t know what you will get until it arrives at your gate. Ensure that you know what free items you can get when expanding your collection. With the right choices, you will have a valuable piece to add to your smoking arsenal in no time at all.

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