How to deal with Car Insurance for Student

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Student car insurance has been an interesting topic many auto insurance companies have been dealing with. This is because every year, more people get admitted to study, and chances are they will have their own vehicle and car insurance sets in. Before signing car insurance policy for students, auto insurance company have to look into many factors. These factors can include, age, driving history/ records, occupation if any, grade at school, credit score or history, location, driving experience, insurance history and others.

How to deal with Car Insurance for Student

On the student’s side, he has to consider factors such as if he/ she will get his own car insurance policy or stay with his or her parent’s policy and type of auto insurance coverage. For student’s car insurance to be economical, we recommend them to choose one of the following car insurance coverage depending on their needs. They are;

  1. Third party student car insurance cover only: Depending on your state or county, this may be the basic state auto insurance cover and mainly takes care when an auto insurance claim is made by others and against you, as a result of car accident. This covers both damages of other people’s properties and injuries they sustained.
  2. Third part student car insurance which includes theft and fire. This provides for third-party student car only but also includes theft and fire coverage. Moreover, if you are a working student and have sufficient income, you may consider having a comprehensive cover.

To get one of the best deals in students’ car insurance, consider planning for it before you start your studies. During your planning stage, start as much as possible to have a good credit history and other factors listed below which will benefit you to get cheap student car insurance. Having knowledge of insurance history is very vital as it will help auto insurance company have an idea of how safe and manner you handle issues related to insurance. This insurance history can be from any sector of insurance like home, pet, health, travel, etc. it helps a lot.

How to deal with Car Insurance for Student - students driving

On having a good credit report and insurance history, you will then decide if you will need to be on your parents’ car insurance policy or take up student car insurance for your studies. If you do choose to get your student auto insurance policy for your studies, you should try to adhere to these;

  1. Don’t buy sports cars or cars with high speed enhanced features. It will be expensive to insure.
  2. The Internet is the way where you can save money by shopping around mainly on the internet.
  3. If you live off campus, try as much as you can to live very close to your university as this will reduce your car insurance rate.
  4. Consider buying second hand used car for your student car insurance
  5. Make sure you have efficient security features in your vehicle; this will help you have cheap car insurance.
  6. For your student auto insurance claims, try as much to have no claim discount during your first-year driving period as it will further reduce your car insurance rates the subsequent years to come.
  7. Avoid speeding while driving.
  8. Park your car in a safe car garage as this will help lower your car insurance rate.

If you decide to include your student car insurance to that of your parent’s auto insurance policy, talk to your auto insurance agent to explain what and what is involved as individual cases are quite different. Although student car insurance is classified as risky by much auto insurance company, you can still get cheap car insurance if you plan properly.

When it’s time to renew your student car insurance, you can present them with your no claim discount and ask for a further discount, or you can buy a better vehicle and present them with your no claim discount.

In addition, students should make the maximum use of the strategies to get cheap car insurance. When these are maximized, then your vehicle insurance rate will go down.

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