Can You Smoke Weed on Antibiotics?

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When taking medications, you have to be careful about what you eat or drink. Some medications require you to stop drinking or smoking. If you smoke weed and doctors have recently prescribed some antibiotics to cure an ailment, you might have questions like can you smoke weed on antibiotics.

Can You Smoke Weed on Antibiotics

Here is the answer.

Cannabis does not have any significant reactions with most antibiotics. However, there are no clinical studies on the health effects of smoking weed while taking antibiotics. Also, there are no meaningful reports of people experiencing side effects when smoking weed while taking antibiotics. Weed is not known to react negatively with commonly used antibiotics like morphine, ibuprofen, and SSRIs. None of these medications mentions cannabis as “contraindicated” on the product label and use instructions. To protect your health and prevent any side effects, it is best to ask your doctor a question – can you smoke weed on antibiotics and follow his advice.

What are the Possible Side-Effects When You Smoke Weed While Taking Antibiotics?

Drugs are designed to act upon organs and functions in your body. If the antibiotic activates a particular body function, its reaction may change to a second medication. Experts argue that the risk of adverse reactions is low, but there is always a possibility of adverse reactions when smoking weed with antibiotics. Marijuana is known to affect the functioning of the liver by inhibiting cytochrome p450 enzymes production. These enzymes are essential for the biosynthesis of certain antibiotics like erythromycin, miocamycin, and troleandomycin.

If you are smoking weed while taking these antibiotics, it is bound to affect the working of these antibiotics that may give rise to some side effects. For example, a weed smoker taking erythromycin is more likely to experience side effects like diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea when he combines weed and antibiotics. Suppose you notice any side effects after combining weed and marijuana. In that case, you should reduce the weed usage by half or completely stop using it until you have completed your antibiotic therapy. If you experience severe side effects after combining weed and antibiotics, you should stop smoking weed completely until the antibiotic treatment.

When Should You Avoid Using Weed With Antibiotics?

There are instances when marijuana can complicate several health conditions and exacerbate a health problem. The worst part is it will prevent your body from getting the benefits of antibiotic therapy, and the treatment period may get extended. If your doctor has recommended not smoking during antibiotic therapy, you should follow the recommendations without further questioning or doubt. If you are taking antibiotics to treat lung infection or some respiratory function, you should avoid vaping and smoking cannabis altogether. If you take it as a part of treatment, you can consider other alternatives to taking cannabis.

To reduce the health risks, it is always a good idea to talk to the doctor. For example, people undergoing lung treatment can use cannabis edibles instead of smoking weed. However, they should be mindful of the dosage and ensure it does not affect their general health or antibiotic therapy.

What are the Cannabis Alternatives for Antibiotic Users?

The market is full of cannabis alternatives for antibiotic users, and you can speak to your doctor about using them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a good cannabis alternative. It does not change your body chemistry like cannabis. It just activates e CB1 and CB2 receptors, and your body can regulate it naturally.


If you regularly smoke weed, you should be careful when using antibiotics. Combining them may not lead to adverse reactions, but it may have multiple side effects caused by certain antibiotics.

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