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There are now dozens of successful companies operating on the market, which constantly attract many customers. Of course, do-it-yourself (DIY) business owners are interested in ways to achieve these goals. They may be different for each entrepreneur.

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However, currently, many businessmen point to the importance of process automation. In particular, the greatest value, in their opinion, is the implementation of call tracking solutions developed by proven providers. We invite you to learn why these programs are beneficial for business owners.

Identifying Key Queries That Help the Calls

Modern call tracking solutions are effective tools that can open up opportunities to reach a new level. It is worth starting with the definition of keywords. These are the queries that you include in your ads and use for other promotion methods. Without call tracking software, one can only guess which ones are actually working. After all, there are no appropriate tools to establish a connection between a key request and a target action. If such a program is connected to the general system, then this function becomes possible. The system automatically determines certain indicators and allows you to find out which keywords were the stimulus for the targeted action (call).

In the future, this data will help to improve the marketing strategy. To do this, you need to review the obtained indicators, analyze the effectiveness and, if necessary, exclude from the plan those that do not work. This information is especially relevant for contextual advertising, where payment is deducted for each click. In this case, you need to select key queries very carefully to ensure high conversion.

Optimization of Money Costs

Every business owner will confirm that marketing and advertising costs make up a fairly large proportion of total costs. That is why every entrepreneur wants to get maximum efficiency from investments. Modern programs with the function of tracking calls are a reliable assistant in achieving this goal. They allow you to determine valuable data about subscribers, who in most cases are potential customers. For example, thanks to the implementation of the program, you can find out from which advertising channel the call came. Thus, in the future, it is possible to analyze the effectiveness of each launched campaign and compare call tracking metrics. As a result, it is easy to determine which channels are not profitable and lead to wasted spending. You can turn them off for a certain time and look for other options.

Increasing Lead Generation and Conversion Rates

Some entrepreneurs believe that the effectiveness of the marketing strategy directly depends on the advertising methods used. To some extent this is true. However, using a call tracking solution helps to significantly improve its results and choose the right format. This happens thanks to the analysis and creation of a personalized approach based on it. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of qualification and distribution of potential customers. Not all subscribers who call the company are determined to take targeted action. Some of them just want to get a piece of advice and other part of visitors usually have certain doubts. Under such conditions, a personalized approach is necessary to offer the visitor exactly what he expects.

Call tracking software is used for this. The program has functions that allow you to analyze the history of interactions, as well as record conversations. All this data is formed into separate sections, and during a call, the system refers to this data. As a result, the sales agent or call center employee receives the necessary information about the call and can prepare for the conversation. Qualification of potential customers is also important. Hosted call tracking solutions help determine the approximate intent of each subscriber based on metrics and analysis data. This allows you to assign it to a specific group. Usually, the system divides all subscribers into those with high and low intentions. Once the classification is done, it becomes clear what approach they need.

Collecting Customer Feedback

Feedback is also an important part of building a marketing strategy for a business. After all, they help to identify gaps and weak points. You can get feedback in different ways. Including the best call tracking solution. The program you choose allows you to record conversations with customers and analyze them. In most cases, during such conversations, customers indicate what exactly they liked and how the service can be improved. This information can also be used to plan business decisions and optimize marketing strategy. The more reviews you can collect, the better for business. According to Hubspot’s research, this should be easy enough to do. After all, it says that customers began to share negative or positive experiences more often. In the study, 89% of service specialists confirm this.

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Localization and Expansion of Business Boundaries

The solution of call tracking will also be a useful tool for those who want to improve business geography. Programs in this case will help to identify the regions, countries, and cities from which the most potential customers come. In addition, they collect data in individual settlements. In this case, the call tracking scheme analyzes the geographical data of all visitors who contact the company. In this way, you can collect current data and discover from which locations calls are coming. In addition, the qualification of potential customers is an important aspect. This means that you need to pay attention not only to the number but also to the quality of such calls.

Improvement of the Support Service

User experience can be an important, and sometimes even decisive, factor in the process of attracting customers. If it was negative, then the chances of a return will be almost zero. It is interesting that for modern customers, not only the ease of use of the website is important, but also the approach of managers and representatives of the support service. To improve it and raise the level of service of the team, a phone call tracking application is also needed. Thanks to the built-in routing technology, IVR support, and conversation recording, it is possible to obtain the necessary data to improve the work of such specialists.


Using programs that provide call tracking numbers is a necessity for a DIY business. They allow you to automate business processes, speed up analysis, obtain valuable data about potential customers, and qualify them according to intent. Thanks to this, enterprises can quickly reach a new level and at the same time not spend large sums of money on advertising. Call tracking software will help you discover which methods are working and avoid unnecessary costs. However, the most important thing is the overall result – the conversion increases several times.

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