How to Calculate the Flooring Costs

One surefire way to completely transform a room or space is to change the flooring. Whether it’s to create the look you’ve been looking for and researching or you’re ready to move and want a look that will grab any potential home buyer’s imagination, new flooring is an effective option.

laying laminate flooring

The cost of the flooring, of course, depends on the type of flooring you’re putting in. And more than ever, there is a multitude of options available.


Vinyl flooring can mimic the look of natural materials like stone and wood. It’s no wonder that waterproof vinyl flooring is a popular option given the ease of installation and the low upkeep and maintenance costs. Plus, vinyl is very durable and easy to clean as it comes in sheets, planks, or even in the form of tiles.


Tile is another popular option as it is waterproof and families, especially families with young children, know that a liquid spill could happen at any moment. Plus it won’t dent or break very early. Some of the designs and looks you can find include tile that looks like marble, or detailed and decorative tile with hexagons and other creative shapes. Depending on the make you can also find a tile that is easy to install and will thus save you some money if you’re willing to invest some of your own time and sweat.


Another option that is easy to maintain, laminate flooring is cheaper than real hardwood flooring while still having a durable, water-resistant finish. With laminate, you can choose from a light wood look, or go for the wider plank flooring. Affordable and stylish, chances are laminate flooring will be here for a long time into the future as the choice for many homeowners.

laminate flooring


A classic, carpet flooring is again making a comeback whether it’s wall-to-wall carpet, or tiles and planks that allow you to mix and match for creative patterns. High pile is not just for shag lovers anymore either, as an area rug with a high pile can create a warm inviting feel to a room.

Polished Concrete

Another option that’s becoming more popular is polished concrete flooring. If you’re wondering, Polished concrete might cost around £150 per m2 for installing and pouring. The contemporary and industrial look is sure to wow visitors with its sleekness. The price is also impacted by the size of the area, the addition of a color, or the type of finish. Polished concrete is commonly found in retail stores, factories, and car showrooms, but it is also becoming a fun option for homeowners looking for something different to set their interior apart. Polished concrete offers a seamless finish similar to marble or granite flooring.

In the end, there are many options out there to create the exact look and feel for your home when it comes to flooring. Knowing where you are willing to splurge to reign in will ultimately determine your costs.

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