Cable Rollers for Wire Pulling

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If you have ever seen the internal wiring of a home, facility or underground structure or more, then you will probably that sometimes there are a large amount of wires or cables all neatly or compactly put together. Many wonder how the task of putting all these together can be done perfectly to the extent where there is rarely a need for maintenance and the reason is that they have been placed properly and handled well during the process. The key to properly placing wires or cables it to place them efficiently where they use up as much space as they need in order to avoid creating a bulky surface or stand out when placed as well as being compact yet spacious enough to not gain any damage over time due to compression.

Cable Rollers for Wire Pulling

When placing such wires and cables, the best thing to do is use equipment called cable rollers. This specific equipment has a unique purpose yet can be used for more than one purpose. The best way to complete tasks such as said is to use cable rollers for wire pulling. These make the tasks not only easy but also guarantee the wires or cables will be well handle and prevent the need to redo such tasks in the future.

What Is A Cable Roller

A cable roller is a piece of equipment that is used during constructions or installations that require or include the laying or placement of cables and wires. These are used by many professionals due to the fact that they make handling cables and wire much easier and prevent any unnecessary damage due to the smoothness of the flow of the wires or cables. This type of equipment is meant to guide the cable or wire when being pulled to its destination in order to prevent any hindrances from it reaching it mark as well as preventing any damage coming to the cable or wire due to improper handling. Cable rollers come in different shapes and sizes and most are suitable for both wires and cables alike and can more than one wire or cable may be placed at a time as long as it fits properly into the cable roller.

Cable Rollers for Wire Pulling - what is cable roller

Cable rollers for wire pulling are not limited to only one type as there are several ways cables need to be pulled and there is a need for the process to be done in a way where the cable may be smoothly transferred. Depending on the shape of the area and the direction where the cable will go, the different types of cable rollers were made to ensure these could be handled in different situations.

How Do Cable Rollers Work

Cable rollers are used to handle and guide single or multiple wires or cables when pulling them across or around certain areas which can include inside homes or facilities as well as underground structures, anything that requires the placement of cables or wires will need cable rollers to effectively place them accordingly. When using a cable roller, you must first set them up according to where you plan to have your wires or cables placed and once you have done this you will take a tool such as a duct rodder for cables or a pull tape for wires and fit it through where you intend to have your cable or wires to pass.

Cable Rollers for Wire Pulling - how cable rollers work

Once you have had your duct rodder or pull tape go through all the cable rollers you may attach a single or group of cable or wires to the end and use this to efficiently pull all of them through following where the path of the tool you used to initially guide them. You will continue to pull them either manually or using a machine or similar tool which benefits you and requires you to do less effort while doing the task for you. While pulling your wire or cable the cable rollers will ensure a good transition which will save you time and make sure the wires are properly handled.

Common Cable Rollers

There indeed are many types of cable rollers but a lot are used more often than others when it comes to the functions and the ability it has of doing more than one task. This allows you to plan things out and use them for different situations when needed. Some cable rollers may come in different materials and parts may be made out of either lighter or heavy materials based on the purpose of their use and to ease to handle specific cables or wires. Many of the cable roller that are used nowadays can be used for several different purposes but the most common of them retain their most basic functions which are basically to allow cables to be pulled through them until reach their specific destination properly.

Some of the most common cable rollers include the following:

  1. Standard/Strait/Flat Cable RollerCable Rollers for Wire Pulling - flat cable roller

  • This is basically the standard and main cable roller which can come in different types such as having nylon wheels or created with heavy duty material depending on which kind of cable or wire will be rolled.
  • These are mainly used for lying cables going straight until reaching their destination or until they reach another cable roller for a directional change.
  1. Corner Cable RollerCable Rollers for Wire Pulling - corner cable roller

  • These cable rollers are designed to allow you pull wires and cables around corners or around certain areas, allowing the cable or wire to curve and turn in direction which is suitable for situations where a cable can’t pass through a certain area or needs to be aligned to a certain area.
  • These may be placed on a corner or at a passage where the cable or wire needs to change its direction. This usually comes after another roller and is mainly used for the purpose of shifting direction to another angle.
  1. Bell Mouth Cable RollerCable Rollers for Wire Pulling - bell mouth cable roller

  • The bell mouth cable roller is used for placing cables or wires into tighter areas where you could not normally reach and is inserted into a pipe, duct or smaller passage for the wires to go through.
  • These usually require duct rodders to be used in order to reach the end before pulling the pull tape which is then tied or connected to the cable or wires which are then pulled to the other side of the duct, pipe or passage.
  1. Manhole Cable RollerCable Rollers for Wire Pulling - manhole cable roller

  • Manhole cable rollers are used when installing cables leading from a higher area going below and as it gets its name, usually it is used to go down manholes or other underground areas to safely guide the wire or cables down.
  • This later leads the cable or wire to another cable roller underground or below which allows a better flow preventing the wire or cable from having friction with any surfaces in order to avoid damaging it.
  1. Suspended/Pulley Cable RollerCable Rollers for Wire Pulling - pulley cable roller

  • This type of cable roller is used to suspend or raise a cable or wire, holding it up and preventing it from coming in contact with anything that can damage it or that it can get caught on.
  • This allows the cable or wire to flow from either higher surfaces or raise from lower surfaces in order to reach another cable roller or its destination.


Cable rollers are very important for pulling wires and cables and make doing this task much easier and provide the comfort of knowing the wires will be well handled. This avoids damage being done to the wires since they will be tightly and carefully pulled through without any friction causing damage as the rollers will have rotating parts that move along with the wires or cables for a steady flow.

Most of the time a setup of multiple cable rollers is placed, followed by using a tool for assigning with pulling after. This enables the single tool used such as a pull tape to go through all of the cable rollers and later on pull whatever cables or wires are to be pulled through all at once. At sintaductrodder, we have the best cable rollers and multiple types available for use in different situations. These are all suitable for both wires and cables depending on the shape or size of which cable roller you plan on using.

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