Expert Tips for Buying Window Blinds

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Blinds and shades are a really popular choice of window treatment for both their decorative and functional uses. Whether you are looking for privacy, style, or sun prevention, finding the right blinds for your needs is not an open-and-shut case (pardon the pun!). We’ve come a long way from the days of basic blinds; now, your room can be dressed in hundreds of ways that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. With so much choice, however, the sheer variety can make it so hard to pick the right blinds.

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This article is a guide to expert tips, which will make your choice easier and keep you from being blindsided!

Measure Up

Before measuring for your blinds, you should think about the fitting option you prefer, as your blinds can be either inside or outside the recess, depending on the architecture of the room. Before you rush out to buy now, consider the size of the room. For small rooms without much space around the window, having your blinds inside the recess is a good option, especially when they are teamed up with curtains to add layers and feel. Blinds that sit outside the recess is the way to go for larger rooms as they can block out more light. You should also consider which side the pulley and catch should be, in case you can’t access them.

It helps to make a wise decision if you know the sizes of the windows you want to cover. It is important to measure exactly where you intend to place your blind or shade. If you plan to install an inside-mount blind within the frame, your measuring tape should also be stopped at the recess’ narrowest point and at its height. For outside-mounted blinds, remember to include the window frame in your measurements, so add 4cm to each side of the recess and 15cm to the height of it. When you order your blinds online, it’s important to talk to the customer service team to make sure that you’ve measured the right way.

Choose a Style

Blinds are the best choice because they can be adjusted to let the sunshine in or keep it out. They also add a clean, modern-looking touch to your space and provide you with privacy. The feeling that your blinds create will depend on their materials, which can be vinyl, aluminum, or wood. Unlike with shades, which you must draw up to half-mast in order to let light in, with blinds, the full length of your windowpane can be covered even if the slats are open. That is why blinds come in very handy for the bathroom and bedroom where we need privacy but also need light during the daytime. However, the slats can attract dust and grime, so they will require a bit of a commitment to keep them clean.

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There are various styles of blind you can choose from:

Roller blinds can be rolled up and down by a cord. Some manufacturers make it more interesting by adding a different fabric on either side. Roller blinds are perfect for informal settings, such as home offices.

Roman blinds add formality to your space and are operated by a pulley. When raised, the Roman blinds leave a good segment of fabric on the show. There are various choices of linings available for you to choose from.

Venetian blinds are often featured in stylish kitchens and bathrooms as slatted wood blinds. Metal and plastic blinds are also a practical choice for rooms with higher levels of moisture.

Vertical blinds are usually seen in big floor-to-ceiling windows, and those windows tend to appear in summer houses or conservatories. Unlike other types of blinds, they hang from a track and open to the side.

Things to Consider

To fit perfect blinds to your space, there are some bullet points you should consider:

Light and privacy: Whether you’d like your room bright and airy or condense and cozy, choose your blinds accordingly. There are also options like room-darkening or light-filtering blinds, which may suit your needs.

Your budget: If you are planning on outfitting the entire house, your budget will also need to be taken into account. It is wise to spend more on certain windows with high traffic and scale back on others. Some factors that contribute to the cost include size, fabrics, patterns, and features.

Cleaning: Blinds can be dust magnets, and certain styles and fabrics can attract more dust than others. The good news is most of the dirt can be removed by lightly vacuuming and spot clean.

With the wide variety of choices, picking out the right blinds for your windows can be tricky. A little bit of effort and research before heading to the store can do wonders on how your space will turn out. Use this guide to help make the best choices of blinds in your home.

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    I recently had one of our guest rooms at home renovated into an office since I plan to begin remote work this April, so I need blinds for my windows there soon. It’s good that you mentioned considering light and privacy as factors to think about when getting the perfect blinds for our space since we need to make sure they suit our needs when it comes to room-darkening or light-filtering. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind while I look for a supplier in Dallas to contact for the blinds I need for my home office soon.

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    I decided to do some research to aid my sister in her decision to purchase custom blinds because she had built new windows. It’s a good thing I found your page because you mentioned that when measuring for your blinds, you should consider the type of installation you desire, such as whether they go inside or outside the recess. I’ll make sure to let her know about it so she can remember it and check out retailers that can help her with it. I appreciate you sharing!

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