Features to Check When Buying the Best Window Vac

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Cleaning windows can be a tiresome job, and many people keep postponing it for months. This makes your house look messy and ugly. You spend your weekend using ladders, buckets, sponges, etc. to clean your windows. Instead, you can spend money on a perfect window vacuum cleaner, making your cleaning job easier. A handheld window vacuum cleaner is equipped with a rubber edge to clean the dust, dirt and make glass shining. It also has a liquid tank to pour water and a vacuum motor for suction.

Features to Check When Buying the Best Window Vac

It can also be used to clean car windows, countertops, tiles, mirrors, etc. Choosing the best window vac can make your windows spotless and clean.

Specifications to Consider For a Window Vacuum Cleaner

There are various types of window vacuums with different features available in the market. Consider the following specifications while shopping for it:

  1. Ask about the Performance

The window vacuum you choose should have strong suction so that it can clean the dirt and water quickly. The suction nozzle should also be strong enough to clean the edges of windows effectively. Even if you have a vacuum with a long-lasting battery, it will not be useful if it is not efficient.

  1. Check the Weight

If the window vacuum is heavy, you need to spend most of your time trying to move it. You can hold it for some time, but it starts hurting your hands when it fills up with dirt or water. Though having a bigger tank can make your cleaning job fast, it can become heavier. So, choose the lightweight one.

  1. Look at the Available Accessories

Most of the suctions will swallow wastewater into the tank. But, this may make your window vacuum messy if you are using it for a long time. Always choose the one that has leak-proof suctions and looks easy to empty tanks. It would be beneficial if you have additional suction heads for cleaning leaded windows. If the blades are long, it would not fit narrow areas, and they remain unclean. It is better to choose a vacuum model with a medium-sized blade, and small or removable accessories.

  1. Examine the Power Supplies

The power supply for the window vacuum cleaner can be either batteries or cord powered. If you opt for cord type, consider its length. But window vacuums with batteries are popular. Most of the batteries can run off after half an hour. Though this time is enough to clean your windows, choose the one that can quickly charge your battery. Also, look for models that provide removable batteries and USB.

Features to Check When Buying the Best Window Vac - window vacuum

Other Things to Consider

The features mentioned above are the primary things to be considered in the best window vac. You can look for the following additional features as well:

  • Charging Indicator: Some models come with a LED charging indicator to help you know the battery life before you need to charge it.
  • Pole: For cleaning the high windows, it would be better if you have an extendable pole so you don’t need to use a ladder. But, the pole adds weights to the window vac. Go with the one as per your needs.
  • Cleaning Kit: Many window vacuum models come with cleaning extras such as cleaning bottles, pads, and cleaning spray. This can save your time needed for shopping cleaning agents. The number of cleaning agents or accessories provided with window vacuum varies from one manufacturer to another. You choose the one by considering the cleaning kit provided.

Though all the mentioned features are essential for choosing the best window vac, the specifications are different for each person. So, choose the best one as per your requirements and make your cleaning job easy and comfortable.

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