Five things to consider when buying an on-sale forklift

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Buying any type of heavy equipment is a serious endeavor because your purchase will impact your business and the safety of the driver. Additionally, it will impact your budget, which, in turn, can impact your ability to successfully grow or maintain your warehouse operation. Consequently, it is often necessary to shop for used forklifts or others that are on sale.

Five things to consider when buying an on-sale forklift

However, when shopping for forklifts for sale, it is incredibly important to consider various features and conditions that can indicate how long the forklift will last without needing expensive upkeep. Additionally, you need to consider certain signs that might indicate safety hazards.


When considering any forklift on sale, you need to consider how much usage it can endure. To do this, you should consider where a forklift has been previously used and to what extent it was used on a daily basis. In addition to its usage, you should determine if the forklift was contractually required to undergo maintenance at certain intervals. If the forklift was required to be repaired regularly, you are more certain to obtain a vehicle that is ready for use in your warehouse. Conversely, if it did not have a maintenance contract, you should determine such factors as the temperature in which it was operated and whether it was used outdoors or indoors. These factors will have an impact as to how much life the forklift has left and how safe it is to operate.


Regardless of the price or previous usage, you need to ensure the forklift comes with some sort of warranty. If it does not come with a warranty, you need to ensure that the invoice clearly states as much. Whether a forklift has a workable warranty helps you determine how good or bad of shape the vehicle is in. Additionally, it allows you to determine if it will last in your warehouse under the conditions you require it to operate.

Trial period

If at all possible, you should consider requesting a trial period to evaluate whether the forklift is running as described. During the trial period, you should ensure to evaluate all functional aspects of the forklift. For instance, you need to verify that it lifts the required weight or tonnage and that all vehicular aspects of the lift are in good working order.

In terms of evaluating the vehicular aspects of a forklift, you need to check the tires, steering, and controls. Additionally, you should evaluate whether the lift is both level and true. If it is not, you might end up with a forklift that requires work on the hydraulic system. Finally, you should test the forklift in both interior situations and outdoors. In terms of operating a forklift outdoors, you can determine if the wheels and tires operate as they should or if the tires slip. When operating indoors, you can evaluate how tight the steering allows the driver to turn the forklift. Tight turning can be critical when driving in a warehouse with cramped aisles.

Five things to consider when buying an on-sale forklift - diesel forklift

Condition of core components

Core components involve critical mechanical and power components. You should inspect each item and assess the lifespan or safe functionality.

– wear and tear on the forks

– tire condition

– engine: evidence of leaks

– engine: starts smoothly

– forks lift smoothly

– responsive steering

– battery life

Should any of these core components not function as you might expect, you might ask that repairs should be made. If repairs cannot be made, you might negotiate a better price or look for a more suitable vehicle.

Dealer reputation

Whenever you buy a new or somewhat less-than-new forklift, you must always consider the reputation and the customer service of the dealer. Doing so can ensure you receive proper support for your purchase. Additionally, knowing if a dealer stands behind its vehicles will give you peace of mind that your investment in the equipment is solid.

In terms of dealer service, you should ascertain whether a dealer will provide emergency service on your vehicle. Finally, you should be able to easily contact a dealer to request service. In terms of quality dealers, you should also be able to sign up for an extended service or repair program. Such maintenance programs allow you to pay a monthly or annual fee and receive immediate service on your forklift should anything ever go wrong. If you need a machine for lifting people then consider buying electric scissors instead of forklift.

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