Things to Consider Before Buying Log Burning Stoves

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For the people who like aesthetically pleasing appliances to provide heat in their room, Wood burning stoves come at the top of the list.

Things to Consider Before Buying Log Burning Stoves

But there are some things people often overlook in excitement while buying log burning stoves:

Heat Required for the Room

While looking for log stoves, some people blindly buy the stove they think looks good. But the output needed from the stove should be considered first. If the room where the stove needs to be placed is big, then the stove must be larger. But if the room is not that big, a small-sized stove would be sufficient.

Type of Stoves

How you want your room to be heated is a crucial factor as different types of stoves provide heat in different ways. So one should buy a log burning stove according to the requirement.

There are two most common types of stoves:

Convection Stove

This stove gives off the heat into the air through its outer shell. So it distributes the heat into the air randomly, just like a heater.

Radiant Stove

Glass is used in this stove to focus the heat and provide warmth to a specific area.

Supply of Wood

Before buying Log burners, one should first find the types of burning wood available around the residence. A multifuel stove is the best type of stove to buy if a log store is not available near your house. This stove can use most types of wood as fuel because it can provide airflow above or below the fuelwood to burn. To pull out the most amount of heat from the wood, it should be made sure that the fuelwood is not full of moisture.

Things to Consider Before Buying Log Burning Stoves - modern stove

Air Circulation

The room where the stove is to be put should not be airtight. Air is needed for combustion to happen and burn the fuelwood. But if the room is airtight, the combustion would not take place. Therefore the room must have a good airflow with a few windows. And it’s not a big problem even if your room is airtight. You can buy a stove with an external air supply that takes the air from outside the house.

Useful Features 

Buying stoves with extra features is always a plus. One of these is Autopilot. There is no need to control the stove manually with the help of this feature because this feature takes in air automatically to give the maximum output.

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