Things to Look for Before Buying an Inverter Generator

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Having an inverter generator handy can help you in emergencies and while being outdoors. No matter your purpose, buying a new inverter generator could be confusing as it is a one-time investment that will last you a lot of years. Many options are available in the market, which can confuse you in making the right decision. There are multiple factors that you need to consider when making the decision. Choosing the wrong generator will prove to be a waste of money and will cause inconvenience to you. Also having your own solar generator kits is the best thing to use since some of the solar generators are portable and easy to pack. This is also useful when planning to camp near rivers and lakes.

Things to Look for Before Buying an Inverter Generator

The following are some things that you must look out for to choose the best inverter generator for your needs.


Before looking at other factors, it is important to consider your power needs. You must determine your ideal use case and calculate the approximate power you need. Consider what you need to power, whether a refrigerator, lights, AC, TV or other appliances. Moreover, other than the running power, many appliances have different startups wherein they require a lot more ability to start but require lesser power to run. For instance, a refrigerator requires 700 watts of power, but initially, it needs 2100 watts of power to start. So, consider the startup watts and the running watts of the appliances you wish to power up with the generator.

Type and Number of Outlets

Besides the power output, look at all the power outlets available on the generator. Most of the generators have two to three 120V AC outlets, and many modern generators will even offer some USB ports for more functionality. Bigger generators with 4000 watts will have more power outlets and even 240V AC outlets.


If you are looking for generators for normal usage or emergency purposes, you can choose any branded generator with a basic warranty. On the other hand, if you plan to use the generator in your RV or need it to power a construction site, look for a generator with commercial capacity. Moreover, bigger generators usually offer a better warranty, but they would be more expensive.

Things to Look for Before Buying an Inverter Generator - inverter generator

Type of Fuel

People prefer to purchase only gas generators since they are highly dependable. Consider buying diesel generators as they can even power your whole house and offer better fuel efficiency than gasoline generators. On the other hand, look for propane generators if you are environmentally conscious. Battery-powered inverters are also a good option since you can recharge them using solar panels. They are also known to run silently.

Starting the Generator

Starting the generator can be a major task if you do not know how to do it. Pulling a cord on the engine can be fun, but it can sometimes prove cumbersome. If you have the budget, you can consider shelling out a little more for an electric start to make your life a lot easier.

Noise Levels

Bigger generators can make a lot of noise while running, but on the other hand, smaller generators have a refined design that makes them run silently. While the cheaper generators might not be silent, they will produce lesser noise. Consider buying generators below 4000 watts of output since generators above that range are noisy enough to disturb your neighbors. These are some of the features you will find in the best inverter generator. Buying a generator is a one-time investment which must be made prudently. By keeping an eye out for these features, you can easily choose the best generator for your needs.

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