Pimp Your Ride – 5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Building Your First Project Car

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Everyone needs a hobby and, for some people, that’s a project car. Those who are new to the world of vehicle tinkering will likely run into a few hurdles along the way. If you want to be as well-informed as possible before you begin, then read on.

Building Your First Project Car

Here are a few of the many things that you’ll need to consider at various stages of your new project.

The Costs Add Up

A nut and a bolt here and there can seem affordable at the time. In fact, all parts of a project vehicle can appear within your price range. However, over time, they all add up, and it’s far easier than you may have thought to overcapitalize. Are you looking in the best possible places for parts? Keep in mind that shopping locally is important, but purchasing car parts online can end up saving you thousands of dollars. Be thrifty, shop around, and be on the lookout for bargains to avoid spending more than you anticipated.

New and Used

When many people decide to build a vehicle from the ground up, they have grand ideas of incorporating all new parts to bring the car back to original but refreshed. That’s sometimes not possible. Factories don’t always continue to manufacture parts for older vehicles that no longer have any demand, and cars are discontinued all the time. Before you start pulling your vehicle apart, think about all the parts you are going to need, and do a bit of research. You’ll then know whether you’ll be able to secure new parts or will have to go hunting for used ones.

Unexpected Surprises

Rust is a common problem in both old and new vehicles, with something as simple as salt on a snowy road putting your vehicle at risk. The problem is, it’s not always visible, and some people who find rust on their cars will do a quick bog job before they flick it off to the next purchaser. Unfortunately, that’s more common than you might think. If there’s one thing to know about building your first project.

Building Your First Project Car - classic car restored

Order is Vital

Building a project car is quite exciting, and it’s hard to contain that excitement as you haphazardly remove parts left, right, and center, and get stuck in. Stop now! Think about having to put it back together. Every single nut, bolt, and part that you remove must be bagged and tagged for effortless installation at the other end. Doing so can save you hours of frustration.

You Need Time

While having a deadline for a project car to be complete is nice in theory, it seldom goes as planned. Think about how many car restoration shows there are, and how many battles the TV stars face with meeting their time targets in almost every one of them. Be realistic with the timeframe in which you hope to have a fully functional vehicle. Allow time for delays, don’t stress if you don’t quite meet targets, and emphasize the “labor of love” component of the build.

You are going to have a love-hate relationship with a project vehicle – whether it’s your first or 40th. There will be hurdles to jump, battles to face, and every possible problem thrown your way. If you prepare for them, expect them, and follow these tips above, you can at least ensure the process runs a little bit smoother.

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