How to Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard

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Nowadays, the idea of building a private tennis court in the backyard is becoming increasingly popular. A tennis court that is always available and waiting for you – sounds good, right. A tennis court can be constructed as a DIY project with some help from professionals. Doing most of the process on your own lowers the costs of construction and allows you to do everything to your liking.

How to Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard

Therefore, below are marked down all the necessary steps for building a fully functional private tennis court. Let’s get started!

4 Steps of Tennis Court Construction

The very first thing you should think about is the location of your future tennis court. If there is a large enough plot of land in your backyard, you can start building immediately! However, if there is no suitable area yet, you need to purchase a plot and obtain a building permit from the local government.

1. The Construction of Sub-Base

The sub-base is the major part of tennis court construction. It requires high-quality materials and correct technology the most in the whole construction process. Since a good-quality sub-base guarantees the smooth installation of artificial grass surface and later playing experience, we suggest finding a good construction company. The best option is a company experienced in road construction because the sub-base is similar to the structure used for building roads.

2. The Installation of Artificial Grass

The second most important part of the overall tennis court construction is installing artificial grass, which is not a complicated job. The process consists of two stages. First, you have to unroll the rolls of artificial grass in the correct order, and glue together the pieces of grass and court lines. Second, it is necessary to add special infill sand and brush it into the court. Both the infill sand and artificial grass must be dry, which guarantees the best possible installation result. TennisKit24 offers high-quality artificial grass with more detailed technical know-how and installation manuals.

How to Build a Tennis Court in Your Backyard - home tennis court

3. The Installation of Tennis Court Fencing

Tennis court fencing prevents the balls from getting out of the court. It makes the playing experience better and more convenient. There are many different options for building a fence, depending on the court owner’s preferences and budget. Usually, tennis court fencing consists of panels where the ends of the fence are generally higher and the sides lower.

4. The Installation of Practice Wall and Other Additional Elements

The additional elements significantly increase the functionality of the tennis court. One of the most important accessories is the practice wall, which can be helpful in your development in many ways. Even legendary Jimmy Connors has said, “My favorite opponent is the practice wall – he never misses.’’ Therefore, you can use the practice wall to train any shot – forehand, backhand, slice, volley, and even serve!

A Tennis Court in the Backyard Makes Your Life Better!

You are now ready to build a tennis court in your backyard as a DIY project! For additional information about the tennis court construction process, contact TennisKit24. Summer is already around the corner – start building your tennis court today!

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