How To Build Your Own Garden Deck

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You can include a stylish new feature in your garden if you learn how to build decking. The most suitable decking can help to add visual appeal and value to both contemporary and more traditional gardens, and you can select the material you prefer, the style that sounds right for your garden, and the level of maintenance that will accommodate your needs. Decks provide an area for dining out as well as relaxing in the fresh air. If they are large enough, they can also serve as living areas. Additionally, it is an excellent solution if you have a sloped garden, allowing you to convert an area that was unusable into an area where you can actually put furniture and where you can have fun with your children. Invest in the best deck lights so that your deck is beautiful and well-lit at night when you sit outside.

How To Build Your Own Garden Deck

There is no reason why, as long as you are a competent DIYer, you can lay ground-level timber decking that’s not attached to any building. In our guide, you will learn how to do just that. We hope that this guide to decking will also assist you in building the deck of your dreams.

Figure Out The Dimensions Of Your Deck

Considering factors such as sun exposure and privacy, first decide where your deck will be located. Whenever possible, avoid shading your plants in heavy shade because they require more maintenance. Also, keep your plants away from damp areas. You should always plan your deck carefully before you begin as this will prevent unnecessary cutting and loss, and you will be able to order the materials you need accurately. Make sure to coordinate with your supplier to have the right deck railings, boards, outdoor lighting features, and other necessary materials for a smooth sailing job. If you plan to build a deck, we recommend using only whole deck boards so that you do not need to cut a board to fill gaps.

Working Safely With Decking

It is absolutely essential to follow safety guidelines when working with decking, as they are typically pretty complex & labor-intensive. When handling decking, it is essential to take care of yourself properly. After using timber wood, it is important to wear safety goggles and gloves and ensure that your hands are washed thoroughly. When you use a jigsaw, you should also wear a dust mask. Many types of timber are treated with chemicals that are harmful to inhale.

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Know Your Materials

Choosing manufactured boards is the easiest way to maintain your deck. Look no further than wood if appearance is your top priority. Best wood for decks is hardwood that is properly dried and properly sealed before construction. In the case of paints, you could use anti skid decking paint, varnish, or oil to help prevent slips and Certain decking materials have grooves that prevent them from Regardless of whether it has rained or not, decking can still be dangerous, particularly in the winter months when the surface can become Keep your feet on the ground.

Assemble The Frame

Outer and inner joists are considered to be the subframe of the deck. If you need to cut it, measure and cut accordingly. Start by installing two countersunk coach screws at each corner of the outer frame. After laying the outer joists, you can lay the inner joists. It is crucial that these boards are positioned so that they will lie at right angles.

Place the Main Boards

Install the four perimeter boards on the anchor plates that are set into the caissons, so the more attractive side faces out. These anchors are used to tie down the deck permanently later. Install corner brackets after the main boards are in place and secure them together.

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Build & Attach The Steps

In cases where your deck is elevated, and there is a significant drop from its surface to the ground, you will need a set of In addition to ensuring the deck complies with UK building regulations for practicality, you should make sure the deck is accessible and practical. Step frame or stringer is what is commonly called when referring to the steps themselves. In many cases, decking manufacturers build stringers, treads, & risers to specific measurements and then attach them later. This helps to make the assembly easier. Many stairs are produced separately from the deck & attached after. It is easier to buy these than to build your own, and generally not a bad idea. For those who are looking to save money, building their own might be a good idea.

Finishing Touches

Each deck has its own identity thanks to the right details. Depending on your house style and the furniture you select, the fixtures you install and the way your woodwork is trimmed will differ. Although, please remember that most decks are designed to support 60 pounds per square foot. This figure includes the weight of the deck called a “dead load” as well as people and furniture. In case of a lot of guests or if you wish to add a hot tub or large plants, your deck’s supporting structure needs to be strengthened for safety.

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