6 Clever Hacks to Build a Bike Storage Inside Your Garage

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There’s nothing like riding a bike on a warm, sunny day, isn’t it? Along with looking forward to the ice cream truck and watching the fireworks, bike rides are on top of our list. However, as fun as they might be, bicycles themselves take up a significant amount of space in your shed or garage. Things can get disorganized quickly, from taking up space to slowly building clutter. Thankfully for you, there are several solutions you can take advantage of to help clear up some space in your garage.

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Not only will this help keep things organized, but it will also be well maintained too. So, let’s jump right into these six clever hacks to build bike storage in your garage:

6 Clever Hacks to Build a Bike Storage Inside Your Garage

When it comes to building a bike storage inside your garage, remember it’s nothing like remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. The key is to make enough space to house both your bike and everything else in your garage. Bikes can take up a lot of space if not stored correctly. However, some are built to give you convenience. If you’re interested, try shopping for a gravel bike and see for yourself! Now, let’s take a look at these six clever ways we’ve come up with to help you find the right kind of bike storage hack for your garage:

1. DIY a Floating Shelf

What’s a clever way to have a bike space in your garage than trying your hand at an innovative DIY project? If you’re a minimalist at heart, this is precisely the project for you. And the best part about this storage idea is that it’s compact enough to be placed practically anywhere you have studs. Just make sure the wall the studs are on is blank first! You’ll also have to ensure that the wall-mounted shelf will be sturdy enough to withstand the weight of your bike. This way, the bike will easily slide off the shelf and out of the garage door when you’re riding. Not only that, a big plus of having this storage idea for your bike is that the surface can act as a storage as well.

2. The Good Old “Line Them Up” Storage Hack

This could be the perfect solution if you have a home with multiple bike enthusiasts and empty wall space. Start by mounting a horizontal track system that can take heavy duty. Space out hooks holds however many bicycles you have. Remember, these hooks are specific and need to be able to hold bicycles only. After this, hang bicycles by the front tire as this gives you an easier way to detach them. This technique also helps to keep your bikes off of the floor and prevent scratches. If you want to go beyond, invest in a layer of protection for your wall where the wheels might bump against. You can install an overhead shelf to hold bins for those who want storage spaces. And there you go, a genius bike storage idea with some extra storage space!

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3. A Bike Storage on Your  Entryway

This is for those who don’t have a garage or a shed, but you want one someday, to store your bike in – use your entryway instead! That’s right; you can park your bike right inside the front door. To make this possible, you’ll need an entryway that’s not disorganized. This will allow you to house more than one bicycle. Start using wall mounting hooks to let the bikes off the ground when you’re coming and going out of the house. This neat bike storage hack lets you effortlessly pull to either set or pull down your bike when you’re feeling like riding your bike out for fun.

4. Make Use of a Bike Stand

Here’s a highly underrated yet clever bike storage hack for storing your bike in a hurry – Freestanding Bike racks. You can place these racks pretty much anywhere, and anywhere there’s floor space. Depending on the size of these racks, you can store just one bike or several. All you have to do is glide your bikes onto the stand, similar to any public bike parking lot. Only you skip the step where you lock your bike, because there’s no need for that when storing it in your own home, is there?

5. Hang Your Bikes from the Ceiling!

Your garage is already maxing out on space, and you can’t possibly set up bike storage in there. The walls themselves may not be good enough for  hanging bike storage. What do you do in this situation? Well, there’s no need to panic if you don’t know, but thankfully there is a solution, a quick solution where you hang your bikes from the ceiling!  You can either choose to get yourself a high-quality ceiling mount hoist rack, or if you’re feeling confident, then you can get your hands dirty and get started on a DIY pulley system to get the bikes that are high up. This idea of storage is mostly for the bikes that don’t get used often, or for storing them during the off season.

6. Make Your Own Bike Station

You’re aware of how most home organizations like to store similar items. The same trick can also be used to create a station for your bikes! For our last bike storage hack, we’ve got a great one. So, when it comes to storing or organizing bike gear, whether with a shelf, a rail, or a rack system, remember to include hooks and containers close by. They can help to store accessories like helmets, backpacks, cycling shoes, water bottles, etc. With this clever bike station in your home, getting ready and going for a ride will be smoother and easier. Since everything you’ll need for a ride is within close range, you’ll save a lot of time too!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, our storage ideas help you get a bike storage for your regular and electric bikes that fits your garage space, just the way you want it. Having a well-organized garage means you’ll face fewer accidents and prevent your car and bike from getting scratched. Let us know in the comments if you have a hack that helped store your bikes in your garage. Also, let us know if any of our hacks came in handy. Till then, stay safe!

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