Why You Should Bring a Portable Generator When Camping With Friends

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Camping has long since been an activity done by many as a chance to enjoy their solitude, or solitude amongst friends. Solitude that is enjoyed even more by the fact that one is surrounded by nature in all its unspoiled grandeur. Unfortunately, the call of civilization is always so strong, and people tend to have the need to return to all the convenience it has to offer. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to enjoy nature a while longer, yet still be in touch with the convenience of civilization? Well, with portable generators, that can be possible.

Why You Should Bring a Portable Generator When Camping With Friends

While some may criticize the use of generators while camping, they’ve actually done wonders to make camping accessible to everyone. Whether you’re the type of camper who loves to rough it, or you’d rather spend the weekend tucked away in a safe camper, portable generators can make or break a weekend away with friends. Not convinced? For those planning a big camping trip and wondering whether a generator is a wise investment, we’ve got the full story for you! Here’s our top reasons why you need to bring a generator on your next friends’ excursion.

No More Lost Sleep

While this is something that is more applicable to those in hot environments, everyone will be able to appreciate a comfortable night’s sleep. Using a quiet Predator generator will allow you to keep a fan on in your tent, making sure you stay cool during hot summer nights. For those who typically dislike camping, a difficult sleep can make things go from bad to worse. Adding sleeping aides like portable fans can be a game changer.

Forget About Bug Spray

Well, maybe don’t say goodbye to bug spray completely. You’ll still need it for hikes and trips to the beach, but if you use a generator, you’ll be able to keep an electric bug zapper in your camping area constantly. For those who are bothered by bugs, this can be a great way to make your trip comfortable. Finally, you won’t have to worry about slapping mosquitoes all night long; all you have to do is enjoy the day in nature with your friends!

Be Ready For Emergencies

While you may want to shut your phone off when you’re in the wilderness, it’s not always realistic, nor practical. Not to mention, cell phones are great to have around in case of emergencies. With a generator, you’ll be able to keep your phone charged no matter where you are. While we hope you never have to use it, this can be a great reason to keep a generator on hand. As they say, better safe than sorry. If you still aren’t sure, you can check campingaxs.com for more info.

Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater!

Okay, so this may feel a bit superfluous, but trust us when we say there’s nothing better than enjoying an outdoor movie with your friends! You’ll have to make sure you have a generator powerful enough — and quiet enough! — to support a projector. Our advice is to check out some generator reviews on a site like generatorgrid.com to see if your generator will be able to support a projector. Once you’ve got the proper projector and generator picked out, all you’ll have to do is hang a sheet and find a movie that everyone can agree on!

Why you should bring a portable generator when camping with friends - outdoor movie theater

Make Real Food

There’s nothing wrong with roasting hot dogs on an open fire, or cooking whatever you’ve hunted or fished on a spit, but after a while, you’re going to want real food. Once you’ve got a portable generator, hot dogs and game will be a food of the past. You’ll be able to make your favorite slow cooker recipes throughout the day, allowing you to come back to camp after a long day adventuring and find a hot meal already cooked for you. For those who need a little pick me up once two o’clock hits, you’ll be able to fill up on a healthy smoothie before you head out for the rest of the day.

Make Your Cup of Joe

A morning coffee is important enough to be a reason to buy a new generator. For those night owls, one of the biggest drawbacks of camping is that the rising sun and song birds have a tendency to wake you at an ungodly hour. For once, you’ll be able to wake up early in the morning and have your coffee in the great outdoors. Not only will this make your morning easier, but you’ll find that the caffeine boost in the early hours will keep your going all day, allowing you to make the most out of your trip.

Camping doesn’t have to remove you completely from the civilized world. While it can be refreshing to get away from technology and daily commutes, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a some niceties along with you. The next time you plan on going out camping with your friends, consider bringing along a generator. Whether you use it to ensure a good night’s sleep, make the perfect cup of coffee, or are just trying to have decorate the place with a few fairy lights, generators will bring a whole new level to your camping. Trust us; you can thank us later!

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