How to Get a Better Settlement From Your Personal Injury Case

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If you’re planning to file a personal injury claim, you have to make sure you get full compensation for your injuries. In order to recover properly, you need to obtain the compensation that you deserve to help you get back on your feet. The actions and decisions you make after your injury play a big role in how you settle your claim and how much your compensation is going to be. There are certain things that need to be done once you file your claim to make the most of it and reach the best settlement possible. But first, you need to understand what aspects you control in the case and what you can change to maximize your benefits. While working with a lawyer is your best chance, start here to learn how these cases are settled.

How to Get a Better Settlement From Your Personal Injury Case

Here’s what you can do to get the best settlement for your personal injury case.

Know Your Target Settlement Amount

Before speaking to the insurance adjuster about your personal injury claim settlement, you need to have a settlement figure or range in mind that determines which offers are acceptable and which are not. Keep that amount or figure in mind and don’t reveal it to the adjuster as the offers go back and forth in your case. You don’t have to stick to that figure and refuse all lower offers, sometimes, the adjuster can bring up some important points relating to your injury that can weaken your case. In that case, you may need to lower the amount you’re asking for. However, if you point out new evidence that makes your claim stronger, you’ll be able to raise the figure and ask for more.

Avoid Jumping at the First Offer

Insurance adjusters are known to follow a common practice that helps them determine if the applicant understands the worth of their claim or not. They start their negotiation by offering very low amounts to test your patience, response, and your understanding of your claim. Your response upon receiving the first offer should be different depending on whether you receive a slightly low but reasonable offer or an offer that is too low to the point it’s obvious that the insurance adjuster is testing your plan. If the offer is reasonable but too low compared to your demands, you can make a counteroffer that is lower than your original demand to show the adjuster that you are reasonable, too.

Explain Why the Offer Is Inadequate

The first settlement rejection you make shows the adjusters that you have a strong case under the law and that you understand how much your damages are worth. Aim to make it clear to them that you understand your claim and that you will try everything possible to receive rightful compensation. Explain how the injury is going to cause you future problems and how the accident may have future damages as you try to recover and make up for the losses. Explaining your key points and using them in your favor will show the adjusters that you have a strong case that deserves considerable compensation.

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Talk to an Attorney

You should consider talking to a personal injury attorney if the negotiations are not going too well for you. The Virginia- based personal injury attorneys claim you particularly need a lawyer if you are requesting serious injuries compensation that exceeds a few thousand dollars. Insurance adjusters are less likely to handle an unrepresented case seriously if the damages add up to more than a few thousand dollars. You will also need a personal injury attorney if you are demanding compensation for future damages or if the person at fault for your injuries cannot be determined.

Give an Emphasis to the Emotional Points

You should mention the emotional points that support your claim during negotiating with the insurance adjuster. For example, point out the accident photos that you sent the adjuster, mention strong evidence of alcohol intoxication affecting the person at fault, or express how difficult your injuries made it for you to take care of your children after the accident. There’s no monetary value that can be put on these kinds of hardships but by bringing them up in the negotiation with the adjuster, you can get them to settle for fair compensation.

Once you get injured in a serious accident, your top priority should be to acquire the most lawful reimbursement in order to recover properly and get back to your regular life routines. It can be difficult to negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance adjusters if you file your claim unrepresented without proper legal advice. Make sure you know all it takes before making a claim to ensure your rights and obtain the best settlement.

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