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While searching for trampolines you will find a number of choices; some good and some bad. With a vast market, best deals on trampolines hunting is no longer about limited choices. However, if you are looking for a springless trampoline that will last for a long time, you will have to look into the details. In this article, we will check out the top brands and manufacturers out there. Remember good brands will always use good quality materials and as such, it can get a bit expensive.

Best Trampoline Brands

Here is the list of top trampoline manufacturers:


Skywalker ventured into the trampoline industry in 2004, but within 15 years they have been able to attain the ranks of the best trampoline brands in existence. The high-quality trampolines they provide are the sole reason for their widespread popularity among the trampoline enthusiasts. They offer trampolines in all sorts of sizes and shapes, from round to square trampolines and from regular to kid’s trampolines they have everything that you want.

The buttonhole design of their trampolines is a major success. By interlocking the safety enclosure and the jumping mat, they have come up with a unique solution to decrease the risky gap between the two. Other than this Skywalker Trampolines have far exceeded the ASTM and TUV safety requirements.

Spring free

The most interesting feature from this manufacturer lies in its name: “Spring-Free”. These trampolines do not have any springs. Instead, they use flexible composite rod to hold the whole setup. Coming from Mechanical Engineers from the University of New Zealand this is undoubtedly the work of an expert. Nowadays you can find tons of spring-free trampolines but when comes to heavy-duty trampolines without springs, they are the best in the market.

They emerged in the trampoline market in 2003 and from then they have put their name among the top ranks with this ingenious design that has satisfied all the safety tests and checks that are conducted in the industry. Spring free trampolines are a great and safe choice for your kids.

Jump Sport

Jump Sport is a family-owned & operated commercial trampoline manufacturer and quite a good one at that. The company is more focused on manufacturing heavy-duty trampolines as well as rebounders. They also do have a kid’s model to offer. JumpSport was among the first few who brought into the concept of enclosure nets into the realm of trampolines. Their trampolines are all about a fun yet safe experience.

Best Trampoline Brands - small trampoline

An interesting fact about this family-owned manufacturer is that they bring out trampolines in series. Thus you can easily select one from the series and adjust it to your needs as they arrive. You can easily find them on Amazon like the rest of them.

Sky bound

This is a US-based manufacturer located in Santa Ana, California. They are best known for their performance trampolines as well as backyard models. They are a more recent brand and new to the industry. They started off their trampoline journey in 2010 only. All Sky bound trampolines have passed the safety tests including the ASTM International Standards.

Safe trampoline experiences for kids and adults alike are their motto in the business. They have worked hard to provide such quality trampolines to that effect.  Since 2014 they have also ventured into outdoor play accessories.


They are a brand from the Bravo sports manufacturers. With trampolines for both kids and adults, Air Zone is one of the leading trampoline brands in the market. They showcase a variety of shapes sizes and models for you to choose from. Both high and low budget buyers can afford an Air zone trampoline off the market.

So now that you know what the top brands are in the game, and what you need to look out for go and buy yourself (and of course your kids if you a parent to one), install it in your backyard and enjoy your afternoons with a bit of exercise and a whole lot of fun.

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