Best Shower Buying Guide

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Showers are basic fixtures that are very important for any bathroom. These fixtures provide freshness and warmth to your body and soul as it gives a soothing effect of rainfall while you have your relaxing bath. These days, there are many types of  shower manufacturer available that provide shower heads that vary in shapes, sizes, effects etc., and it can be very complicated to choose which type of shower is the most suitable for you and your bathroom.

Best Shower Buying Guide

Therefore, we present you the buying guide for the best shower for your bathroom, with things you should keep in mind while buying a shower.

Types of showers available in the market

1. Single head/ Overhead shower

These are the basic and common types of shower available, which are also cost-effective and can be afforded by anyone. These types of showers do not need any special fittings too and are very easy to use. The most common brands which manufacture these types of showers are cera, jaguar etc. these showers have an individual nozzle at the top, which can have different spray patterns and pressures.

2. Rain showers

Rain showers are the type of showers with a flat surface at the top and produce maximum pressure to feel like rain falling. These are the latest types of showers which are in recent trends. Rain showers can be a little costlier than overhead or single head showers, but they are definitely worth it as they can provide you with a very pleasant shower experience.

3. Dual and multiple showerheads

This type of showers has more than one shower head controlled by a single lever system. It is basically a wall-mounted shower head with a handheld manual counterpart. It is produced to operate showers, both overhead and body, simultaneously.

4. Handheld shower

It features a single shower head with a very flexible hose that can be held with hands while showering. These showers can be used best to wash hair and reach areas that are not easy to reach. These are helpful where there are mobility issues or if a person wants to take a bath in a sitting position or while being in the tubs.

5. Steam showers

These types of showers are very luxurious. These can be very costly and require special types of bathrooms with glass doors and systems to control the steam levels. These are famous in spas and hotels bathrooms.

6. Ceiling shower heads

These types of showers are fitted in the ceilings of the bathrooms and cover larger surface areas. These showers need professional fittings and installations and can provide an amazing shower experience.

Best Shower Buying Guide - rain shower

Things to keep in mind while choosing a suitable shower

While choosing the best shower for your bathrooms, you need to keep the following things in your mind-

1. Water Pressure

The pressure of water in your home will directly influence the type of shower and appliances you will need in your bathroom.

2. Space in your bathrooms

The next thing to keep in mind while choosing the suitable shower head or type of shower is to determine the space available in your bathroom. The more will be space, the more options you would have to choose from.

3. Budget

Showers can be as expensive as you can think of. They can be the cheapest kind to the most luxurious kind, and in today’s times, where showers are considered as an ornament for your bathrooms, they come in a wide range of variety, changing their price range from the minimum to the maximum. Therefore, the next thing influencing the type of shower in your bathroom will be your budget.


The shower is a vital part of our daily life. A good quality shower is a must for everyone as it is the first thing we do in the morning, and it should be as positive as it can be so that our whole day could be positive. Therefore, choosing a shower from a wide variety available can be a little complicated and confusing process. Still, with the given buying guide, you can easily choose the most suitable shower for your bathroom.

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