How to Choose the Best Septic Tank for Your Home Remodel

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Remodeling a home is an exciting, yet daunting task. There are many decisions that need to be made, especially for larger renovations where walls are being removed and plumbing is being reworked. Oftentimes, the biggest decisions aren’t about what color paint the walls are going to be, rather they center around the new appliances and parts you choose to install in your home.

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One of the often-overlooked aspects of a home remodel is the replacement of a septic tank with a more efficient model. The importance of regular septic holding tank maintenance for a safe home cannot be understated, and it begins with choosing a septic tank that meets your needs so that maintenance is less necessary.

What is a Septic Tank?

A traditional septic system works in two ways by using a septic tank and a drain field. When you flush your toilet, run your sink or dishwasher, or use anything involving water, the various pipes typically connect to a single drainage pipe that leads to a septic tank. This tank is usually buried in a large water-tight container under the ground. The only job of the septic tank is to hold wastewater inside long enough so that solids settle down to the bottom. The top ends up being comprised of oil and grease. Liquid wastewater then exits the tank into the drain field, which is a shallow space in unsaturated soil. The wastewater is treated by the soil and becomes simple groundwater. Depending on the size, most homeowners should aim to have their tank drained every three to five years. The majority of homes currently use a standard sewage system to dispel waste, but the septic tank model is growing in popularity. If you don’t already have a septic tank, installing one with your home remodel can be an excellent decision.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Septic Tank

When looking into installing a new septic system, there are a few considerations you need to keep in mind:

  • There will be a landscaping cost involved, with the average cost of septic tank installation sitting at $6,300. The lowest cost for this installation is around $3,600, but the highest cost can increase all the way to $10,000. For those already on a tight remodel budget, a septic system may not be the best choice.
  • You need to choose the size of the septic tank based on available space and water usage.
  • A flat surface is ideal for installing a septic system
  • There must be an easy way to access the tank and drain field if maintenance is ever needed.

The idea of a septic system is appealing at first glance, but the additional consideration may not make it the best choice for you.

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Different Types of Septic Systems

There are three main types of septic system setups to consider with your home remodel: septic tank, conventional system, or the chamber system. The septic tank system, despite its name, is not what was described above. Many homes simply have their own septic tank buried under the ground, with an outlet that connects it to a community dispersal system. Alternatively, a homeowner could look to install a conventional system which is what we have already described, where both the septic tank and drain field are on the property. This type of system is typically used on farms or large properties. Finally, you could choose to install a chamber system for your septic tank. This simply swaps out the material used in the drain field for a series of connected chambers buried under the ground which allow the water to come into contact with soil around it for purification. Choosing which septic system is right for your remodel depends on the amount of land you have, zoning regulations, and personal preference.

How to Settle on a Septic Tank for Your Home

When choosing a septic tank for your home, you need to start by choosing which septic system you want to install. To guide this search, consider how much land you have to work with and the overall budget you can dedicate to the project. Keep in mind that larger tanks may last you longer before replacement is needed, but repairs could be more expensive due to their size.

Successfully renovate your home today

A home renovation can be a great opportunity to display your personality within your home. However, don’t neglect the smaller, yet equally as important, aspects of a home remodel such as replacing an old septic tank. By using the latest and greatest technology, you can improve the overall septic system in your home to avoid any future maintenance or issues.

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