How to choose the best power generator

How to choose the best power generator

We’re kind of slaves to the power grid in some ways, electricity helps us heat or cool our homes, cook our meals, and provide our entertainment whenever we need it. That doesn’t mean we need to be reliant on the grid just to enjoy the benefits of electricity, however. A portable power generator is a way to bring electricity with you wherever you go and reap the benefits of being completely self sufficient. Whether you’re camping in the woods or bringing your RV cross country, there’s no reason to have to go dark if you don’t want to.

Not all generators are made equal and choosing to buy junk will end up biting you in the behind just because you wanted to save a few bucks. Remember, a time you need a generator usually isn’t a time where you can just go find a power outlet somewhere should it fail on you. Here is why buying quality is the way to go with generators:

Increased fuel efficiency

The whole part about generators is that they, well, generate electricity. You can’t make something from nothing, and that’s where the fuel source comes in. Typically this is either a choice between diesel/gasoline or propane. Both have their benefits over one another, and some manufacturers have even made combination generators, you can view some of the best dual fuel generators here.

A higher quality generator will be able to make more power with less fuel thanks to all of the thought that’s gone into making it as efficient as possible. In nearly any energy creating venture, there’s always some waste. High end manufacturers have found out how to minimize that waste in creative ways to get you as much power for as little gas.

Never be stuck in a bad situation

Imagine this, you’ve finally found the perfect place to park your RV overnight and your family is settling down to cook dinner and eventually watch the stars together. You start up your cheap hand-me-down genny and it works great for about fifteen minutes and then, kaput. No matter how hard you pull the ripcord or how many times you prime the engine, it’s done for.  Now you are functionally stranded in the woods without any way to power your lights or equipment without burning the gas in your RV, which you might have budgeted for travelling back out of where ever you got to and onwards. If you choose the best power generator, this is much less likely to happen.

Good generators will be able to run at full capacity for long periods of time without you having to worry about being stuck in the cold. Ultimately, you should see the extra couple dollars that go into a good generator as an insurance that you’ll never get embarrassed to tell your family that the road trip is going to be wrapping up a little early.

Proper preparation and planning is one of the keys to a successful life, part of that preparation is having the right gear on hand. There’s more to a generator than whether it can run or not. New generators can work for hours on a fraction of the fuel that older generators need, and they’re much more reliable. Not to mention they now come with convenient features that allow you to fully enjoy your experiences as opposed to fiddling with a piece of machinery for fifteen minutes. Make the right choice and buy a good generator, it’ll be worth the money in the end.

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