The Best Pool Equipment to Keep Your Pool Swim-Ready Year Round

You’ve spent big bikkies getting the backyard ready for summer with the new pool, but what happens when summer ends? You don’t want that pool to sit around for six months waiting for it to warm up again. There are two pieces of pool equipment you can add to your pool so you can enjoy it year-round at any time of day.

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Pool heaters and pool covers are essential to maintaining a comfortable temperature in your pool. They work together to maximise your backyard investment meaning you can swim no matter what the weather is outside. There are three types of pool heaters – one for every budget, if you will. The most common is the solar heater. This type of heater requires a solar array to be installed meaning you might be losing a chunk of your yard for its installation, but it will pay for itself in just a few years, and it’s good for the environment too. Solar heaters can also be used during the summer to cool your pool if the water is circulated through the collector at night when the solar array is cold in the night air.

Electric pool heaters have high running costs and are not very efficient at heating large pools. They are best for small pools and spas. Gas heaters are the most efficient at heating a pool. They heat the water quickly and consistently. This means you’re running them for less time and spending less to do so.

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Pool covers work hand in hand with your pool heater. They not only retain heat when used to cover your pool at night, but they also absorb thermal energy from the sun and pass it on to the pool water below, helping to heat it with no cost involved. A secondary bonus, pool covers keep debris and dirt out of the water reducing the strain on your pool filtration system, too.

There is no reason not to utilise these important pieces of pool equipment when setting up your backyard oasis. Your health and well-being will see improvements as you’re now able to swim year-round in water that’s the perfect temperature.

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