Best Patio Heater 2019

Buying a patio heater can be a tiresome task. There are always so many options and features to choose from; mounted heaters, freestanding, tabletop, electric, gas-powered, and the list goes on eternally. Now, while we are aware of how many top-notch products there are, we chose only three to talk about. The reason behind choosing these specific products is that they accurately represent the three basic types of heaters, and they reflect the variety that you, as buyers, often face.

Best Patio Heater 2019

So let’s have a look over the best kinds of patio heaters available this year.

Firefly 2KW Wall Mounted Heater

One of our favorite patio heaters is this electric Firefly model. Mostly, we like it due to the fact that it is a wall mounted heater, which means that it doesn’t take up any precious floor space. With its largest dimension (width) not exceeding 50 cm, it doesn’t take up much wall space either. As for output power, you can adjust the heater to produce one of 3 outputs; a maximum of 2000 Watts or a minimum of 650 Watts or a moderate of 1350 Watts. What we believe is a downside of the product is that it isn’t waterproof; yet, it isn’t a crippling disadvantage. Keep in mind that you can always install a roofing above the heater to keep it from getting wet.

Fire Sense Hammer Tone Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

On the contrary to the one above, this unit is a propane-fueled freestanding heater. However, it is remarkably lightweight and easy to move around due to the presence of wheels. According to 2019’s Best Patio Heater reviews, it’s only minor drawback is that the product requires assembly. Yet, it compensates by having several compelling features; an aluminum reflector hood and an electric ignition system, as well as, a high BTU rating of 46000 BTUs. In other words, while it is a propane heater, it is not only strong, but also efficient; it can stay lit for up to 10 hours.

Best patio heater 2019 - fire sense

Kingfisher Garden Outdoor Patio Tabletop Heater

If you don’t have that large of a patio and aren’t willing to spend that much on a heater, you’ll find this product quite suitable. A remarkable feature here is an output control knob. It allows complete control over the produced heat which is incredibly convenient since, the product is specifically designed to be placed on tables and between people. With a BTU rating of 14000 thermal units, the heater can cover an area of up to 6 square meters.

Before You Buy

If are already checking out the available patio heaters in the market, there’s no doubt that you’re having a hard time; the competition is quite heated – pun intended. To get a clearer idea, it would help if you determine: the size of the patio you want to keep heated, how much you’re willing to spend, and your power source of preference. Go ahead and try it with this article; you’ll only end up with one option. Now, apply this method with your other prospect heaters and you’ll be guaranteed to find your one true heater.

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