What is the best patio cover?

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The patio is an integral part of the home, an outdoor space for feasting and relaxation. The roofed edifice provides protection from sun and rain while offering you a cozy spot. Finding the best patio cover for all year round weather conditions can be overwhelming.  Have you been considering making some modifications to your home? The patio is a great start! If you’re considering which patio covers best suit your Las Vegas home, why not get in touch with an experienced contractor to discuss the options?

What is the best patio cover

Improving this part of the home will add not just beauty to your home but also significance. Here are quick clues to consider before you settle for a patio cover.

Determine The Structure You Want

There are structures you can erect for your space. It either can be detached (free standing) or integrated into the walls of the house. This integration comes in three major design pergolas, latticed, and solid patio covers.

Contemplate On The Material

Not just any material can fit the design and environment of your home. Some houses are built with trees surrounding it; while some are built, a few meters from the road. Conclude what material is best for you considering the maintenance, durability, detriment among others.

Consider Your Home Design

Choose cover materials that suit the exterior design of your home. A wrong cover can give your home a  shabby appearance and the perfect one would lighten the appearance and invite people to your home. If you have all these in check, read carefully through for the best materials you could find for a patio cover.

What is the best patio cover - amazing patio


Wood is known for its simplicity, attractiveness, and color also. A wooden patio cover is a great option for homes built from wood, which can be integrated into the walls of the house. Wooden patios are aesthetic with proper polishing and maintenance. Wood is designed in various types, colors, and textures, so its cost varies. Regardless, wood requires regular and consistent cleaning, repairing, and polishing. It is also prone to rot, insect attack and peeling.


The acrylic or vinyl patio cover is designed from plastic material and can resist extreme weather conditions. This cover is produced in several colors and finishes. These patio covers are easy to maintain, easy to clean, and less expensive.  With the vinyl, you need not worry about regular painting or repair for a long time. However, the vinyl is less attractive, tends to discolor, crack, or weaken under exposure to extreme sun rays. The vinyl is not designed to withstand heavy snow. If you want a patio cover that is less expensive with a cozy feel, this is a great cover for you.


Aluminum is a widely used material for covering due to its durability, flexibility, and weight. Aluminum patio covers require little or no maintenance, lasts long, withstands harsh weather conditions, and does not discolor. Aside from this, it is affordable and comes in various designs, styles, and colors. However, the aluminum patio cover retains a lot of heat making space hot even when the sun is not up. If you are tired of constant patio cover repairs, the aluminum patio is the best solution for your home.

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    You made a good point when you said that you must consider the maintenance and durability among others when choosing a patio cover material. I will be sure to remember this because I am interested in hiring a professional that could install a
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