Choosing The Best Mural themes For Your Kid’s Bedroom

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Children are very imaginative as well as creative. Their interests are sparked by all things colorful, and having a dull bedroom may affect their general view of things. For this reason, you may want to get a mural for their bedroom walls so that the fun does not end at the door.
Choosing The Best Mural themes For Your Kid’s Bedroom

Here are a few factors to consider while choosing a bedroom mural for your child:

Who chooses the mural – you or the kid?

As adults, we need to appreciate the fact that we do not always know what is right for our children. You may choose a mural that may generally be disliked, and they may feel that you are imposing their preferences on them.

Even if you believe that you know what they would like, your idea of a relaxing and welcoming environment may differ from theirs, but they may not always be ready to oppose your choice. It is therefore important to involve the kids while making such decisions.

You can take your kids through the collection of mural themes at Murale Design and give them a chance to point out their favorites. Both of you can then narrow down to the ones that they would like. If the child does not like any of those, you can help them browse the internet and find one that makes them happy.

Image or Pattern?

While you may prefer a pattern (probably to blend in with the house décor), your child will probably choose an image. This is mostly because children are more likely to identify with their favorite cartoon characters or superheroes. They may also select an animal image, for example, ponies or even puppies.

Choosing the best mural themes for your kid's room - spiderman

To compromise gently, you can find a design that puts their image selections in a neat pattern without looking very different from what they chose. When your kid is too young to choose, you can pick something out of the bedtime stories you tell them or the colors they show some interest in. The good thing about murals is that they are easily removable without causing any damage to the wall and can be replaced easily as the child outgrows them.

Here are some mural themes you may want to consider for your kid’s bedroom:

1.      Nature – forests, mountains, oceans, and views.

Such are ideal for kids who are passionate about nature. You can choose these for your child to give them some inspiration about things like conservation. The good thing is, their colors create an excellent scheme that can blend in very well with everything else in the room.

2.      Space

Space mural themes are especially ideal for boys who are crazy about exploration. Coupled with some additional lighting effects, they can easily transform the bedroom into a little observatory.

3.      Animated drawings and cartoon paintings

Sometimes all your kid needs is a cute drawing of a cat or a picture of Spiderman. If it makes them feel happy and playful, upload it and let us work the magic.

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