The Best Material To Use For Your New Roof

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A roof is what covers any house from the top to keep it safe from extreme temperatures, bad weather and also animals. It is important to understand roofing material for houses so as to keep the people living in a house safe. There are different types of roofs that are used for different buildings thus giving people in construction a wide range of options to choose from. As much as choosing a new roof is focused on the safety of the occupants, it is also important to look at the beauty of the house as this is also part of the finishing of the house.
Best material for your new roof

There are different types of roofs in terms of design.

Gable Roof

It is one of the earliest designs used in roofing that has actually stood the test of time. It is a basic V that is inverted or upside down. This design is not recommended for areas that are windy because the design means that it could be easily blown away.

Winged Gable Roof

It is the ancient gable roof with an extension at the apex.

Hip Roof

This is a more complicated design used mostly with residential buildings and its complexity is because of rafter and truss topology. It consists of four gradient lines with no walls. They take various shapes such as square and rectangle. Its complexity makes it efficient for residential building because of less roofing work as compared to commercial buildings.

Dutch Hip Roof

This is a typical hybrid of the hip and gable roofs. However, it is majorly hip with the inverted V design on both sides of the roof. The inverted V designs are used for better ventilations of the buildings.

Best material for your new roof - dutch hip roof

Flat Roof

They have been used for the longest time especially with commercial buildings throughout the world. They have no pitch at the top so the wind is not a threat and the most common material used with this design is rubber.

Shed Roof

This is a combination of a flat roof having a pitch at the top. It is rarely used independently in its common appearance in residential areas but is used together with other designs.

Gambrel Roof

It is common with residential areas and also barns. It is preferred because of the space it creates in the garret (the space that is created by using pitching in roofing). This is some considerable amount of space as some people in residential areas use it as an extra bedroom and those using it in barns store special grains like those that are most likely to be attacked by pests and rodents.

Best material for your new roof - gambrel roof

Butterfly Roof

It is not very common with buildings as it has poor water draining characteristics. This makes it so unreliable for areas with rainy weather. However, it provides good lighting and ventilation for areas that experience hot temperatures with less rainfall.

A-Frame Roof

It serves the purposes of the roof and the wall common to cottages, churches and also residential areas.

Folded Plate Roof

It is common with residential areas and it looks like little gable roofs that have been placed close to each other.

Best material for your new roof - folded plate roof

There are different types of materials that are combined together with the different designs discussed above to achieve optimum roofs, to know more:

Solar Tiles

Solar tiles are common to sunny residential areas allowing owners to generate up to 1Kw of energy. They help in saving power but consequently are more costly than traditional solar choices.

Asphalt Shingles

These are all weather roofs that have a durability of up to 20years. They are suitable for areas that have unpredictable weather conditions thus ensuring safety all the time.

Metal Roof

It has a lifetime of up to 60 years with very high resistance to bad weather and fire. It is used together with other materials by placing it on top of another. This is because of the noise experienced with heavy rainfall and hail stones. Being metal means, it faces a danger of corrosion but it is dependent on material.

Built-up Roofs

They are common with the flat design having layers of tar and asphalt. They are good for roof that are also used as footpaths or have regularly people on top.


It is expensive but with durability of over a century. It not affected by fire, bad weather or even mold. However, it is delicate to breakage. It has a variation called rubber slate which is flexible to even be cut using a sharp material to fit into unique roofing designs. This variation of slate faces the same challenges as traditional slate with an addition of being affected by satellites.

Clay And Concrete Tiles

They are very heavy durable material that requires some support during installation because of the weight that they have. They also have the challenges that is face by slate.

Green Roofs

Just as the name suggests, they are covered by plant material to protect the homes from hot weather conditions and rain. They need reinforced material for insulation, water proofing and drainage.

Best material for your new roof - green roof

Now that roofing designs and materials been discussed, there are important factors that are considered when choosing the roofing material to use:

  1. Costs

This is a common factor as people in construction are always running on a budget and hence it is an important consideration.

  1. Weather

As discussed, there are different designs and material for areas that experience varied weather conditions. Before roofing, it is therefore important to understand the weather patterns of the area because this facto weighs in in the durability of the roof.

  1. Type Of The Building

Residential and commercial areas have different requirements when it comes to roofing. A roof suitable for a commercial building may or may not be suitable for a residential area.

  1. Roofing Design

This is important because of the weight of some materials might not be efficient for some designs. Before choosing a roofing material for a building, it is important to understand designs and also the materials used and contact the professionals at

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