What are the Best Home Improvements for your House?

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If you’ve managed to save up a pile of cash, then your home is among the most obvious places to invest it. Not only will you protect yourself from inflation; you’ll also be able to enjoy the benefits in your home while simultaneously adding value to it. But what are the most effective changes you might make?

What are the Best Home Improvements for your House

Let’s assess some of the more popular options.

Modernize your kitchen

The kitchen is among the most important rooms in your home, as far as value is concerned. It’s here that you’ll spend a large amount of time, and it’s here that all of your high-value appliances, like ovens and fridges, are to be found. Renovating a kitchen can yield a significant wow-factor when you come to sell, especially if you’re working from a low base. Kitchens are responsible for more than their fair share of domestic accidents, so make sure that your new kitchen is designed with safety in mind, especially if you have small children and pets in the house.

Get a new bathroom

A bathroom renovation, much like a kitchen renovation, can make a significant difference to the experience of living in a property, as well as to its eventual resale value. But as well as revamping an existing bathroom, you might consider adding an entirely new one. A downstairs toilet is a feature that many buyers look for, and you don’t have to use much space when adding one to an extension. You might even create a wet-room, so that you can walk straight from the garage into a clean space!

Convert your loft or cellar space

If you have extra space available in your loft or cellar, then converting it can yield substantial benefits. Following the shift in working practices that resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic, many buyers are looking for homes which come with offices ready to go. That cellar or attic might appear ripe for conversion.

What are the Best Home Improvements for your House - loft

Look at insulation or draught-proofing

In the long-term, even small inefficiencies can cost you big. That gap around the edge of your front door might leak warm air all winter long, placing a strain on your boiler. Those old windows might not provide the effective thermal barrier they once did. Making the investment in insulation and other improvements might therefore yield substantial benefits in the long-term.

Spruce up your garden and house exterior

The outside of your home is where much of its so-called ‘kerb appeal’ is going to stem from. Make sure that the front door and front garden, in particular, are in good condition – it’s those that’ll make the biggest impression on prospective buyers.

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