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Everybody will agree that gardening is an excellent hobby for stress relief and it is a hobby with many benefits like healthier nutrition and exercise on fresh air. But beware, gardening can be a frustrating hobby if you don’t know anything about it. Luckily today we have many websites dedicated to gardening and also many apps and even mobile apps which will guide you through your gardening adventure. The purpose of this article is to help you to get your garden up level or two with interactive help of gardening software which is always available and which have answers to all your questions about successful gardening.

vegetable garden organized with gardening software

From hundreds of websites and apps we at Handyman tips will present you only the best gardening software and only those apps which will really help you to be a better gardener.

Into gardens

The Into gardens is an iPhone app  that has a lot of video tutorials created by experts, photo of each and every plant in the garden in all the stages of growth and it also provides detailed instructions on what jobs needs to be done in the garden and when is the best time for them. Also you can take a photo of your plants and create your own galleries.

Gardening guide

If you want more scientific approach on growing organic vegetables then Gardening guide is the app for you. This iPhone app gives you instructions on how to grow organic vegetables, provides information on sorts and types of vegetables and also information on techniques of growing vegetables.

Fruit garden

For those who want to grow fruits Fruit garden is an excellent iPhone app that will help you to do that properly and with success. It provides all information on how to grow your own fruit garden with detailed calendar of works in the fruit garden.

Garden plants growing guide

This Android app contains detailed information on almost 100 sorts of vegetables with precise number of vitamins which every vegetable contains. Garden plants growing guide also contains detailed information on when to saw each vegetable and how to protect it from disease.

Urban garden planner

This vegetable garden software gives you many different options when setting up your vegetable garden and each bed. Initial setup of your garden is as easy as drawing a few lines to set up a box. You can create your garden beds in a rectangle or in any other shape. There is no requirement for how large or small your garden must be. Everything is up to you. The dropdown menu lets you see over 100 different plants and their specifications, such as ideal soil, when to plant and when to harvest. Designing your garden is easy with this software because of its drag-and-drop capabilities. To make a row of vegetables, just drag the icon across the grid. If only it were that easy to plant real vegetables!

Garden planner Gardening Software

Garden Planner has a variety of features that can make gardening easy for you. One of its best features is the location feature, which puts your vegetable garden on the map. This allows you to see what the beginning and ending frost dates are for your geographical area. This useful feature can actually allow you to get a head start on the planting season. This can be as simple as starting your tomatoes indoors, which Garden Planner can help you do. Along with frost dates, another practical aspect of this vegetable garden software is its ability to tell you the perfect time to harvest your crops. Every couple of weeks, the gardening software will send you an email telling you what you need to do next with your vegetables and when to start harvesting them. It also tells you how to harvest each bit of produce since each plant is different.

Vegetable garden planner

Vegetable Garden Planner has a simple style, which makes it easy to use, even if it feels a bit outdated. Setting up your garden from the start is very easy because this program allows you to use different shapes to create your garden bed. The graph-based setup can help you space out each garden bed and keep spacing consistency with other beds, as well. When you start creating your layout, all you have to do is select what shape you want to use and drag the mouse. If there is a path or walkway you are accounting for, vegetable garden planner will let you put little bends in your beds, and then you can insert other shapes to create any walkways or paths that might run through your garden. This vegetable garden software also includes over 120 different types of fruits and vegetables. Each includes information on the type of plant family it is, if it is a perennial plant or not, what kind of soil it functions well in and how much sun it needs for growing. Vegetable Garden Planner also gives you information on how much spacing you will need between the plants (both in rows and with single plants) and how to create a rich soil composition. When you have selected a plant, check to see the best harvesting times and how you should harvest the plant. Should you want to know good growing companions for the plant, this garden planner will show you what plants will grow well together in your vegetable garden.


The superfluous amount of tools that offers begins with the basic set up of your garden. Starting with the basic layout of your garden, this vegetable gardening software gives you many different options with your design. Their fundamental drag-and-drop system will let you change the shape of your garden and arrange it so that plants of the same family sit in the same soil. The vegetable garden planner comes with pictures of vegetables, so you can easily pick which ones you want to place in the garden and envision what they might look like. The application only comes with the common kinds of vegetables and fruit, and does give you the option of customizing the names. If you select the fruit or vegetable closest to the one you want to you use, you can double click it and change the variety and name. Another fantastic feature we love about this vegetable garden software is that setting up a traditional garden is not the only option you have. For some, space can be an issue – especially if you live in a big city, where gardening space is always a problem. This vegetable garden planner software has an option that lets you design a square foot garden (SFG) that can be used in any scenario, space or no space. The SFG tool is a great way to begin creating easy-to-manage gardens that are on raised beds. These gardens typically require a minimum amount of time to maintain. This vegetable garden planner, in conjunction with’s blog articles on square foot gardening, can teach you how to manage and maintain these smaller gardens.


This vegetable gardening software offers you a host of features that you would be hard pressed to find with any other application. The most unique thing we found Plangarden is that it will allow you to create your own names for anything you have planted in your garden. This can be helpful if you have always used the term spring onions to mean scallions, for instance. Because you have the option to label your plants in any way you would like to, you will never be confused about which plants you are working with. However, the application also allows you to use its predefined labels. Another unique feature of this vegetable garden planner is that it will allow you to upload your own images to use in your virtual garden. In the application, the icon used for Brussels sprouts is not as clear as we’d like to have seen; however, by taking your own photograph and uploading the image, you will have a crystal-clear picture of your Brussels sprouts. This will also add another element of creativity to your garden that you can use to attract friends to check out your garden plans. This vegetable garden planner uses a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to easily select and move items into their proper locations. This will save you a lot of time over having to redraw your garden plans using graph paper and a pencil. It will also enable you to make better decisions when trying to decide which plants would make your garden stand out as visually appealing. After you have spent the time to create a plan for your garden, you will want to print a hard copy to take outside with you. This vegetable garden application allows you to print all of your information, such as a copy of your layout, daily logs and harvest information. This also allows you to have a hard copy that you can make notes on when you are outside and not close to your computer.

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    Your readers should know about a new app (just released in the Google Play Store) which finds the average sun or shade any point in your garden!
    This app is transformative: for the first time, it gives the gardener a fast, accurate, and scientific prediction of the direct sunlight available at a plant’s exact location. No more guessing!

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