Shine With The Best Every Day Carry Torch

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A flashlight is an essential thing in one’s life. EDC flashlight is an everyday carry torch that is helpful in unexpected situations. It is small, portable, and handy enough to be carried along at any time anywhere. Every day flashlights are firm, appropriate, and very handy. When you carry the best edc flashlight, you feel safer when walking in darkness like in parking lots, unlit streets, or an unexpected outage. They can be excellent weapons that offer you the power and capability to get out of the darkness with a portable, pocket-sized tool.

Shine With The Best Every Day Carry Torch

This EDC flashlight is the right equipment for you in case of an emergency. A simple flash of your bright flashlight will scatter the attackers. You will shine the full beam of light directly in their face to temporarily blind them giving you time to run or ask for assistance. Survival EDC flashlights have diverse filters that aid the environment e.g red filters will strengthen your visibility in the dark, blue filters will assist in reading maps at night and green filters will help out hunters in darkness because the white light will scare away the game being hunted, whereas green will enhance visibility. When shopping for an EDC flashlight, consider durability, brightness, and affordability.

Situations that require the use of an EDC Flashlight 

  • When being chased by attackers and need to distract them
  • During power outages
  • When trapped in an elevator
  • Need to fix a car in darkness
  • Looking under the hood of your car
  • Looking for in the basement
  • A natural disaster like a storm, an earthquake and you get trapped

Small Packages Huge Outputs

Ultra-effective power sources and modern LED technology bring huge returns out of flashlights that measure below 4 inches long. EDC flashlights have reflectors and ideal refined lenses that bring out every lumen, casting light in clean and constant beams that will project hundreds of feet.

The 15 Best EDC Flashlights for 2020

  • Fenix E12 Flashlight
  • Tec Accessories Pixel Keychain Flashlight
  • Eagle Tac D25C Clicky Flashlight
  • Olight S1 Mini Baton Flashlight
  • Sog Dark Energy DE-01 Flashlight
  • Peak Led Solutions Eiger Flashlight
  • Streamlight MicroStream 66604 Flashlight
  • Prometheus Lights BETA-QRv2 Flashlight
  • Foursevens Mini Turbo MKIII Flashlight
  • Surefire Defender Ultra E2D Flashlight
  • Nitecore TM10K Tiny Monster Flashlight
  • MeArmy Illuminex- 3S Keychain Flashlight
  • FourSevens Preon P2 MKIII Flashlight
  • Slughaus Bullet Micro Flashlight
  • Pixel Ti Keychain Flashlight

Shine With The Best Every Day Carry Torch - tactical flashlight

The Penlight Type of EDC Flashlights

EDC Flashlights come in varieties. Some of them have clips that will quickly enable you to clip them into the pocket, or jacket conveniently taking them with you. Professionals like doctors, engineers prefer to use penlight because of its slim design that allows them to fit it in and out of the pocket easily. The penlight is easy to operate and provides excellent beams for reading and up-close work.

What to look at when buying EDC Flashlights

Bulb Type

Look for LED lights that are efficient with the best output.

Battery Type

Some smaller EDC flashlights use watch-like batteries, but most use CR2, CR123A, Tripple A, or AA batteries. The best are AA standard batteries, which have been there for years and readily available and reliable.

Waterproof Rating

Your EDC flashlight should be able to withstand the wet weather conditions. It should have a waterproof rating or a water-resistant rating. IPX  8 or below is the recommended one.

Flashlight Size and weight

Look for something compact, small, and unnoticeable. It should not be fragile but strong enough to withstand breakage. There are various sizes and shapes on the market. The EDC survival flashlights come in four categories. These are:

  • Micro – < 2 inches
  • Mini – < 3 inches
  • Small – < 4 inches
  • Medium – < 4 to 6 inches

Body Construction Material 

Your EDC  flashlight must be shock resistant. It should sustain a tonne of stress. Consider the materials used to make the body and whether the lens is scratch and shatterproof free. The recommended one is type III anodized aluminum or a similar material. Titanium and stainless steel are excellent but expensive.

Beam features

Your flashlight should have an adjustable beam so that it is easier to change from a narrow beam to a large, angled beam.

Lumens number

A flashlight that has more than 1000 lumens will have an annoying effect on the attacker. This will be enough to cause distress to somebody as it temporarily blinds them.

Attachment options

Buy an EDC flashlight with a pocket clip, lanyard loop, a carabiner clip, or a key ring so that you don’t lose your light.

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