Understanding & Implementing The Best Defense Against Fires

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The most important rule in the event of a fire is to get out and stay out. Of course, in reality, you’re going to take a look first to ensure there really is a fire and to see how bad it is, before you round up your family and guide them out.

Understanding & Implementing The Best Defense Against Fires

In some cases this is a fatal mistake, it’s important to know the difference between a small fire and a large one. The good thing is you can go by the smoke and don’t have to get to the source of the fire.

Little Smoke But Your Smoke Alarm Is Going Off

This is when you hope it’s just a false alarm. Even the best smoke alarms can make a mistake. Although, purchasing from reputable fire safety equipment suppliers does reduce the likelihood of this. If there is very little or no smoke you can tell the other people in the house to get out while you look at the source of the fire. Small fires can be dealt with using a fire extinguisher, you should have one at home. Simply follow the instructions on the label and aim at the base of the fire. Don’t forget, there are several different types of fire extinguishers. The right one should be used. For example, water fire extinguishers don’t work on electrical fires. It’s advisable to undertake a course in using and understanding fire extinguishers. If there’s a lot of smoke then you shouldn’t take the risk, get out and call the fire service.

Defensive Steps

Alongside having a fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, and various other fire safety equipment, you need to understand the right defensive steps you should be taking.

  • An Escape Plan

You should draw an escape plan today. The aim is to produce a drawing of your home and two exit routes from every room in the house. All people living in the house should be able to see the plan and, if the smoke alarms sound, they should get out by using one of the two routes available. It’s a good idea to test your fire escape plan and check that both routes are feasible. This will help to ensure everyone knows what to do, even if they are faced with a wall of smoke.

  • Electrical Inspection

A high number of house fires start with faulty electrics. You can reduce the risk of this happening by having an annual electrical inspection.

Understanding & Implementing The Best Defense Against Fires - electrical fire

Professional will check your wiring, sort any short circuits and overloading, and help to ensure it’s not a fire risk. Spending a few dollars each year on an electrical inspection is worthwhile if it prevents a fire from starting.

Final Thoughts

Fire is dangerous and the best way to defend against it is to be aware of all the things in your house that can cause a fire and treat them with respect. By looking after your home, reducing the risk, and creating a fire escape plan, you may never have to deal with a fire at home.

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