5 Best Cattle Scales 2021

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A livestock scale is an essential asset for all farmers. Cattle scales help raise the animals because the farmers can easily weigh their cattle regularly and collect data on their weight gain or loss. With the collected data, farmers assess the growth of their animals to decide the right time for slaughter and maintain their health for the breeding season.

5 Best Cattle Scales 2021

This article will mention the 5 best cattle scales in 2021.

A and A Livestock Scale Kit FSK-BASIC

This livestock scale is rated topmost amongst the best cattle scales. They are extremely comfortable to use and offer various features. For example, the cattle scale has four buttons for power, unit selection hold, and zero. The result is digitally displayed in large and clear fonts; hence easily visible to everyone. Moreover, this cattle scale has a lock-on feature, which clamps the animal to restrict any movement during the weighing process. The zero button on the scale improves the accuracy as it does not count the weight of any sand, dung, etc., spread on the scale. This scale is a go-to appliance for people who like do-it-your projects. However, you can also buy a pre-installed cattle scale. It has a load capacity of upto 5000 lbs and has proved to be a high value for money. You can rely on this scale for accuracy.

Brecknell PS1000 Floor Scale

It is a multipurpose scale used for weighing different objects. You can use this weighing scale for cattle, feed carts, pets, shipping, etc. It has a load capacity of upto 500 kgs but also can stand upto 150% over its weight capacity. This cattle scale is furnished with animal measuring software which helps in displaying accurate digital results. In addition, it is a lightweight machine; hence can be transported anywhere. It requires electrical power to run but also is supported by a battery. The battery runs upto 20 hours. If you’d like to check out the best quality livestock scales in Australia, you should check out Milleninnium Mechatronics. You can easily find their products online by searching for ‘Cattle scales by meltrons’ on google. They manufacture cattle sales with advanced features and have a wide range of styles to choose from for your farm requirements.

Prime Anti Slip 700lb Veterinary Scale

If you have small and medium-sized cattle, then this cattle scale is the best suit for you. You can weigh upto 700 lbs. You can use this scale to weigh feed or grass. It has a digital display system where the results are displayed. The weight is displayed in 3 units that are kg, lbs, and oz. Additionally, this machine is portable and can be moved vertically. It is super convenient to use; connect the scale to the controller and controller to the power socket, and here you go. The platform is well built with an anti-slip mat to prevent the cattle from slipping.

5 Best Cattle Scales 2021 - cattle scale

IBE Supply 660

The IBE supply weighing scale has a load capacity of 660lbs. It gives out accurate readings even when the animal stands on the corner of the surface. The large bright-backlit display panel is amazing. You can propel it up and down smoothly to read the results. It is comparatively very lightweight and thus can be carried to different places. Along with being power-operated, it also supports a battery. You can operate it using 4x AA batteries.

Optima Portable Weigh bars Chute Scale

Last but not least in the list of 5 best cattle scales is the Optima Portable weigh bar chute scale. It shows the weight in both lbs and kilograms. It has a weight load capacity of 5000 lbs and is extremely accurate with 1lb accuracy. It has four mounting plates, which assist in fixing the top firmly. The scale is portable as it has two handles specifically designed for moving around. Additionally, this scale is the best suit for you if you want to create a cage for weighing the cattle.

Final Words

We have mentioned the five best cattle scales in 2021 that have all the required features to suit your livestock needs. You can weigh your cattle, pets, and even their feed on these weight scales. In addition, they are accurate and are portable.

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