Stranger danger is a phrase most of us have come across. Inviting a stranger to your home is a delicate choice that one has to make. When selecting a carpet cleaner, you have to look at different factors including whether they are honest, legitimate and more so a licensed company.

When hiring a carpet cleaner, ensure that you screen them online before inviting them to your home. This might be the only way to spot a scam and a legitimate company.

How to find the best carpet cleaner in Arizona

You need professional carpet cleaning experts like Glendale AZ carpet cleaning to help you out. Here are some tips to help you when hiring a carpet cleaner either in Arizona or anywhere.

What are the cleaners qualifications

A lot of people have complained about the lack of professionalism most from carpet technicians. In the US any person can rent or hire cleaning equipment because it is not regulated. Thus a lot of training is done on the job.

Cleaning companies do not have to necessarily check-up for criminal backgrounds on their employees. Thus you never know if whoever you are inviting to your home is a criminal or not.

Carpet companies are having a hard time finding the right personnel for the job who can pass a simple background check. E-verify is the key, but unluckily some just turn a blind eye and hire criminals.

What is their method of cleaning?

Fortunately, not all companies use the same process for cleaning carpets. There are five types of methods of cleaning carpets: hot water extraction, encapsulation, carpet shampooing, bonnet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

Choose a company that best suits your needs and your carpets. Consider the pros and cons of the method you want.

How to find the best carpet cleaner in Arizona - cleaner


As you consider the process if cleaning, it is crucial to choose a company that suits your budget. It is best to select a company that is averagely priced and offer a decent cleaning job. Sometimes it is better for the cleaning company to come prior to the cleaning and view your carpet so that they give you a  budget before the job.

Experience and Reputation

When looking for a carpet cleaner look for a company that has already made a name for itself. If you are in Arizona, the company should be renowned by all around you. A company that has already established themselves is a guarantee they will offer a good cleaning job. Search for companies that have high ratings, and have been on the job for a long period of time.

Additional Services offered

Always inquire about extra services such as upholstery, deodorizing and carpet fixing. The best additional services are offered for free. This helps the company to build a good reputation with the clients. Hire the best carpet cleaner in Arizona today and ensure that your home looks as beautiful and remains as healthy as ever!