A Guide to Sourcing the Best Builder for your New Build

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We all know how stressful organizing a new build can be, what with architects, planning permissions and then, of course, comes the unenviable task of finding a good local builder, which can seem like an impossible thing to achieve.

A Guide to Sourcing the Best Builder for your New Build

While you could submit your plans to several local construction companies and ask them to quote for the project, there are first-class quantity surveyors who, armed with your plans, can screen builders and get the best possible deal on your behalf.

Know What you Want

If you approach a builder with little or no idea of the style you would like, they would likely try to sell you a design that is easy to build, so it is important that you do have some ideas, or better still, have a set of plans already drawn up for the builder to work to. Hiring an architect is probably your best bet, and a residential home would be an ideal project for a retired architect, and with the help of a local quantity surveyor, several local builders can be invited to bid for your project.

Professional Surveyors

If, for example, you approached a company such as Red Quantity Surveying, they can use their wealth of knowledge & experience to help find you the best builder in the area. The quantity surveyor can really take the pressure away from you with a residential build by providing you with a range of essential surveying and building services, and managing a residential build is right up their street.

Custom Build Specialists

Ideally, you want a construction company that has extensive hands-on experience is building to the client’s specifications, and there are some award-winning builders who would have all the skills needed to carry out the work to the highest standard. Your choice of builder is critical, and if you are uncertain about this, look for a surveyor who can screen local builders on your behalf.

A Guide to Sourcing the Best Builder for your New Build - coordinator

Customer Focused

If you can find a builder with a ‘can do’ attitude, this is half the battle, and no matter how fussy you might be, it is the job of the builder to ensure that you are happy with every aspect of the design and build. You should consider maintenance, which is an essential aspect of any property, and by using composite materials, maintenance can be kept to an absolute minimum.

Associations & Federations

If you choose a builder who is affiliated with a national building federation, you can be sure of first-class workmanship, as any association would thoroughly screen any builder who wishes to join. These small things all add up, so look for a builder who directly employs the tradespeople, rather than tending out the work to sub-contractors.

While designing and building your dream home is most certainly an exciting time, you do need to make sure that the builder has the necessary experience to handle your project and by relying on the surveyor to source a builder, you have the benefit of an expert opinion.

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