What To Consider When Choosing The Best Aluminium Joinery

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Aluminium is finding its way in most designs in the construction industry. Architects are beginning to appreciate its versatility and what better way to do that than incorporating it in their designs. Contractors are mainly using aluminium for joinery work. Therefore, what do you look for as you decide what aluminium joinery to use for your building? Relax; this article will guide you appropriately on the factors you need to consider. Read on for this insight.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Aluminium Joinery

Consider the following aspects:


Quality is a key determinant of the longevity of your aluminium joinery, hence a vital aspect to consider. Aluminium is made by combining several alloys in varying quantities. The composition is what determines the quality of your final aluminium product. To differentiate aluminium based on its components, manufacturers present them as grades. This indicates that the characteristics of one grade differ from those of the other. As a result, to assure quality, pick aluminium joinery of the highest standard. 1100, 6061, and 3003 are the most prevalent grades. However, it’s worth noting that there are others; before selecting one of them, inquire with your provider about the grade they provide.


There are two aspects to consider when it comes to location. One is the location of your project. The climate of your project’s location will determine the major characteristics to consider in choosing aluminium joinery for your space. This is because a given aluminium grade might thrive in one climate and fail to last in another. If you live in an area with a lot of humidity or salty conditions, you should get aluminium joinery that offers the best corrosion resistance properties. This will reduce your joinery’s quick wear and tear, increasing its lifespan. The other factor to consider is where you’re fixing your aluminium joinery. If the joinery is part of your building envelope, such as the main doors, you need to consider weather-proofing properties. This is because they’re exposed to the outside environment. You can achieve this by choosing aluminium that has been powder coated. It’ll protect by concealing the aluminium material. On the other hand, if the joinery is for your inner doors and the like, you can go for aesthetics as the dominant feature rather than special characteristics like weatherproof.


Style, in this case, refers to your preference for the finish of your final product. There are various colours you can choose from for your aluminium joinery. This property is made possible because you can powder coat your aluminium works. You can decide to blend it in with the theme of your current space or beautifully contrast it. There are modern trends aluminium allows you to incorporate, such as sliding windows and doors. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the sliding joinery occupies minimal space, making it a perfect choice if space is limited. In this case, your imagination is your limitation; get as wild as possible without forgetting functionality.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Aluminium Joinery - aluminium joints


When it comes to cost, you should factor in both the short-term and long-term. Consider the initial buying cost of your aluminium joinery. This cost often relates to the grade you buy and whether you require customization of your product to meet certain needs. You also need to factor in installation and transportation costs. Depending on your vendor, the initial cost might include installation. Please confirm this with your vendor. Also, the supplier might require you to pay delivery fees, with others offering free delivery as a thank you for purchasing their products. Confirm this as well. You don’t want to forget maintenance costs. The initial price of your aluminium joinery could be cheap, only for its running costs to double due to repairs, replacements, or complexity in maintenance. After weighing all the costs highlighted above, you should gauge if they’re reasonable. Your budget should also be a determinant. You want to get joinery whose initial cost is reasonable, with the other costs being low. All these, without compromising on quality. In short, get the best aluminium joinery for your budget; this way, you won’t overspend.


Insulation aims at keeping the outside conditions outside and the inside temperatures inside. The insulation in your building determines the energy you’re going to consume to maintain comfortable temperatures within. As previously stated, most of your aluminium joinery is part of your building envelope. This means they control what enters or leaves your building. They must have insulating capabilities based on this purpose to avoid heat loss or gain from your structure. Consider acquiring aluminium joinery that has airtight frames and profiles. Airtight frames eliminate the possibility of air leaks in your space, which often alter the temperature conditions. Also, if you utilize an HVAC unit, it won’t run efficiently with air leaks, increasing your energy bills. You should also select aluminium joinery that allows you to glaze your windows or doors. The kind of glazing you’ll put depends on the space in between your aluminium frames. A big space can allow you to triple glaze depending on your insulation needs. Double glazing is also an option.


You’ve seen that choosing the best aluminium joinery for your space isn’t challenging. With the right information, the process is seamless. Therefore, please implement the tips given in this article in your selection process, and you won’t go wrong.

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