Benefits of using Egger Laminate Flooring

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Benefits of using Egger Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular option among those who want the look of natural flooring at a fraction of the cost and with nearly none of the upkeep concerns. Laminate flooring is made from multiple layers of synthetic materials that are fused together by lamination, hence the name. The uppermost layer has a pattern applied to it that very closely mimics the look of hardwood flooring, tile, marble, or even stone. In some configurations, laminate flooring cannot easily be differentiated from the real thing.

Egger laminate flooring is not a specific style or arrangement of laminate flooring, but actually a specific brand. Since the process of creating synthetic materials and fusing them together can be achieved by nearly any major textile producer, choosing a reputable brand of laminate flooring can be the difference between a stress-free choice of flooring or a dilapidated faux-wood knockoff.

You might be wondering: what exactly is laminate flooring made of? The innermost layers of laminate flooring are made up of wood fibers mixed with hard plastic resins that make for a relatively lightweight but durable inner core. These layers repeat themselves for the desired thickness of the flooring which is specified by the customer. The outermost layer is a clear protective layer that protects what is referred to as the applique layer underneath that has the desired design imprinted on it. In truth, there are about four total layers to any laminate flooring. The topmost layer being the wear layer that is treated to make the floor durable and long lasting, the design layer that gives off the intended look, followed by the thick inner layer that provides most of the structural integrity and finally the backing layer to prevent moisture from warping the floor. Some may choose to get an extra layer placed underneath that will add some cushion to the floor, making it easier to stand on for long periods of time and reduce noise caused by walking. Why should you choose Egger laminate flooring over other laminate brands? Well, let’s get down to brass tacks.

Laminate Is Very Hygienic

Laminate flooring suits the health conscious as individual well as the material does not absorb toxic chemicals. On top of that, Egger laminate flooring contains antimicrobial resins that function to minimize the growth and buildup of bacteria, a perfect choice for any who might be mold paranoid when it comes to their home.

What really sets this kind of flooring apart from others as far as keeping a home clean & livable is its sealed nature. Since the flooring is entirely sealed, it can repel dirt and be sanitized extremely easily since there are no porous openings for hazardous materials to weasel their way into. With Egger in particular, the laminate has anti-static properties which means that unwanted particles aren’t attracted to your flooring and come off with a simple sweep.

Perfect For Wet Areas

Bathrooms and other areas that are constantly exposed to water are fantastically protected by the completely sealed nature of laminate flooring. Egger has a special line referred to as Aqua+ that comes with a lifetime guarantee if used for home applications. In fact, it’s one of the few laminate flooring styles that can be cleaned via steam cleaning. Even if you don’t explicitly choose the Aqua+ line, Egger laminate itself is very water resistant. Laminate flooring does not soak up moisture and rise as easily as hardwood flooring does, but you should still be mindful of any spills and clean them up immediately.

Amazing Durability & Stain Resistance

Laminate flooring is much more durable than most other flooring options available on the market. There is a rating system concerning durability that goes from AC 1 to AC 5. AC 1 is for minimal residential use (bedrooms) and AC 5 is for intense commercial use, but might be a good idea for high traffic areas in a home that might see many different objects falling onto the ground.  Most homes don’t need anything beyond a rating of AC 3, however.

Coffee stains are easily wiped off of laminate flooring and with a little help even the likes of permanent marker can be taken off of the floor with minimal effort, making it a perfect choice for those with less than tidy children or animals in their home. The outermost coating employed by Egger is one of the top in the industry, it is resistant to even harsh cleaning chemicals (not that those are recommended) so you will have minimal worries about the look of your floors.

Wood floors are notoriously easy to scratch while laminate flooring is considered to be very scratch-resistant. Those who are worried about their pets or their footwear choices impacting the look of their floors will be pleasantly surprised by the laminate’s ability to resist the scratches caused by paws, claws, high heeled shoes, and other miscellaneous scratches. This attribute is also part of how dent resistant laminate flooring is. Because laminate flooring is made up of several repeating layers of laminated wood fibers, it is very difficult to dent. One part of the manufacturing process for laminate flooring involves pressing the materials together under high heat, this makes for a very compressed & tough end product that has little room for denting because it has already been compressed to its maximum limit.

Areas with a high exposure to light can result in faded flooring if laminate is not chosen. Laminate is known for its strong resistance to UV light and the ability to retain its original color thanks to the final outermost layer. While it will still fade over time, this fading is much less noticeable than other kinds of flooring.

Long Lifespan

Hardwood flooring can be difficult to maintain over time. Moisture and resistance to stains are the main concerns with natural hardwood floors. These concerns are completely averted with high-quality Egger laminate flooring that is as robust as it is beautiful. Most people can expect around 15-25 years from their laminate floors with 30 years not being uncommon.
Benefits of using Egger laminate flooring - beautiful living room

Environmentally Friendly

Since the innermost layers of laminate flooring are predominately wood pulp and synthetic resin laminate is considered to be highly recyclable, with top brands choosing to employ recycled wood fibers exclusively in the manufacturing process. Brands that have an energy efficient manufacturing process on top of their recycling initiatives produce laminate flooring in an extremely sustainable way that doesn’t require massive deforestation.

Ultimate Versatility

There are no limits to where you can put laminate flooring because of the wide array of designs on offer. A hardwood floor look can be mimicked as well as a concrete design. One benefit of using a faux-concrete look with laminate would be that the laminate flooring doesn’t get cold like concrete does, it remains somewhat warm and inviting instead. Egger offers a staggering number of laminate flooring meant to mimic other materials.

Granite, solid colors, or even aluminum can be adequately replicated with laminate floors, with none of the worries associated with those particular materials. Other design choices like marble flooring are offered as well, so there is no limit to what laminate flooring can do for you & your living spaces. Simply speaking, there is nearly no look you can’t replicate within Egger’s catalog of choices which allows you to have whatever aesthetic you please with the durability and ease of maintenance associated with laminate floors.

Easy Installation

This kind of flooring can be as easy to install as simply putting the flooring down on a suitably adhering base and fitting the pieces togethering with a tongue and groove system. Laminate flooring is perfect for DIY installers because practically no specialized knowledge is required to put the pieces down and have them set properly. In fact, most DIY laminate flooring projects can be completed within a single day. Even if you need to make some modifications to the laminate boards you purchased, they can be easily cut and moved around.

Thicker laminate flooring is easier to install and has more impact resistance than thinner laminate pieces, but you will pay a premium for thicker laminate boards. This easy installation also translates into ease of repair should you ever need it, since most laminate floors now install via tongue and groove system, you’ll just have to replace a board or two instead of more intensive repair strategies.

Overall Cost

Options for flooring like hardwood and marble tend to be expensive because the raw materials need to be harvested from nature and then processed into the intended final product. Laminate flooring is much easier on the pocketbook because it is made from largely synthetic & easy to produce materials with a photographic applique layer added to give it the intended finish that can very closely mimic the look of more expensive materials. Not only is the flooring itself less expensive, installation of laminate flooring tends to be at least 50% less than a comparable installation of hardwood flooring. This makes laminate flooring extremely appealing for those who don’t want to spend more than necessary.

Superb Warranty

Egger laminate products used in residential areas have a warranty that is guaranteed for a minimum of 7 years and for a maximum of 30 years from the installation date. This means your flooring will be protected for a minimum of seven years, which is better than a lot of other manufacturers are willing to guarantee.

What they assure is that for the entirety of the warranty period your flooring will remain hygienic & easy to clean, impact-resistant (durable), and long-lasting. As long as you don’t use the flooring in a fashion unintended for the material (using the floor in ways other than the ways it was designed for like industrial uses) the warranty will replace any cracked or splintered pieces of flooring. This means that if your floor is damaged through typical household activity Egger will replace any damaged floors. They do offer a warranty for commercial use that will be valid for 5 years, as well.

No company is willing to give a warranty for their product unless the majority of their products sold last well beyond the time specified in the warranty. This means that even their least durable options will be certain to perform as expected for at least seven years, with ten being much more likely.

Years Of Industry Knowledge

As opposed to some fly-by-night operations or companies in the laminate business simply to get rid of excess materials, Egger has specialized in laminate flooring for many years and have perfected their formula over time. Resistant, high-quality laminate flooring is how they pay their bills and they’ve gotten extremely skilled at producing their products. Also, this means they’ve had years upon years to streamline their processes for maximum efficiency and the savings in the manufacturing process are then passed down to the consumer. The sheer volume of laminate flooring they deal in makes for great deals due to the economy of scale. Without all of their experience in the laminate sphere they wouldn’t have the opportunity to have such realistic looking hardwood or granite flooring options nor such a fantastic warranty.

If you want beautiful flooring at a fraction of the cost, consider investing in Egger laminate flooring. For the novice homeowner or someone who prefers the set it and forget it the style of homebuilding, laminate flooring simply can’t be beaten. People who suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues will enjoy laminate flooring and its hypoallergenic qualities. I can’t overstate just how durable and long lasting this variety of flooring can be compared to most alternatives on the market. Anything from high traffic areas to seldom-seen guest rooms can be adequately served by laminate flooring so long as you get the right AC rating. To really get the most out of laminate flooring, you need to make sure you’re buying from a reputable company that has had enough time to understand what it means to make above average floors. So, if beautiful flooring with minimal upkeep sounds like your style, flooring by Egger is right up your alley.

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