10 Solid Benefits of Intercom Systems

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An average of hundreds of thousands of households and commercial establishments in Australia get burglarized every year. Such data makes it undeniably clear that all homes and businesses should have a solid security system.

10 Solid Benefits of Intercom Systems

If you want a fully protected and secure home or business, you should have a security structure that has a robust intercom system. If you have no idea what an intercom system is, this post is for you.

What is an intercom system?

An intercom (intercommunication device) is a self-sustaining communication tool. It is installed in homes, apartment buildings, and buildings. It allows people in the space to freely and instantly communicate with each other without relying on third-party providers and tools. An intercom can transmit and receive audio communication in an instant. With an active mic, a person using an intercom can choose to send an instant message to another person or all persons in the building or office complex. Today’s intercom systems now feature video transmission that allows people to see who they’re talking to.

If you have a solid intercom system installed in your home, business, or any protected space, you will enjoy the following outstanding benefits:

  1. Smooth Screening

An intercom system will allow you to easily screen all your visitors. If you have it installed in your office, you can easily determine if you want to interact with a person that is initiating a meeting. You’d be able to quickly assess if you want to and could spend time with guests and visitors. If you have it installed at home, you won’t need to go out to see who your visitor is. You simply need to turn on your intercom and you’d instantly see who’s by the door. You can instantly decide if you want to open the door for them to let them into your home.

  1. Superb Convenience

An intercom system removes the hassle of having to stop whatever you’re doing just to see who’s buzzing. With it, you can deny or allow access with just a click. You can instantly see people without leaving your space. You can also instantly send audio replies despite the distance.

  1. Improved Child Monitoring

Intercoms are perfect tools for child monitoring. They allow parents to easily monitor and check the activities of their children at home. Parents can easily communicate with their kids even if their rooms or floors apart. Parents working from home will greatly enjoy the benefits of an intercom system as they will be allowed to work in a separate space and still be able to fully monitor their kids. If you’re looking for a company that can install excellent intercom systems in Perth with boosted child monitoring features, you should reach out to Smart Security.

10 Solid Benefits of Intercom Systems - child monitoring

  1. Easy Security System Integration

Intercoms can easily integrate with any kind of existing or yet-to-be-installed security system. You won’t need to spend extra to ensure hardware and software compatibility. It can easily connect to any security system so you won’t need to discard any of your present setups.

  1. Crime Deterrence

Criminals stay away from houses with intercoms and security systems. They get discouraged and look for other targets once they see that there’s a chance that they can be seen and caught in the act. Hence, all homeowners and business establishments should seriously dedicate time and effort to installing and maintaining a robust security system.

  1. Solid Comfort

Intercoms allow homeowners to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Families living with elderly members will benefit greatly from an intercom system. With one properly installed, elderly members of the family need not stand up and exert effort when it comes to guests and visitors because a solid intercom system will remove the need for elderly family members to always check who’s on the door. In a click, they can ask and even see who’s visiting. They’d effectively be able to avoid unnecessary muscle strains, accidents, and injuries.

  1. Growth in Property Value

You should install an intercom system if you have plans of selling your home in the near future. Homebuyers look for fully secured and protected houses. Having one properly installed will send a clear message that your home is ideal and safe for family life. You will be surprised at how one simple improvement can greatly increase your asking price.

  1. Instant Announcements

An intercom system allows any member of the household or co-worker to broadcast announcements. With one, a user can connect to numerous people in just one go. An intercom system will allow you to reach as many people as you want in just one push of a button. Homes with intercom systems are more efficient. With an intercom system, it’s always easy and hassle-free to announce to all when dinner is ready.

  1. Efficient Interactions

An intercom system will allow you to easily have instant meetings with any member of the household or office co-worker. Connections are direct and instant so you simply have to push a button every time. Decisions can be instantly made as all participants can easily send their replies.

  1. Peace of Mind

Lastly, having an intercom system will give you unbeatable peace of mind. Nothing is better than knowing that you are fully in control when it comes to the security of your space. With a working intercom system, you’d always sleep soundly at night because you know that you can always easily check who’s outside. You can also always easily connect with anyone in the house. An intercom system will bring so much security, convenience, and ease to your everyday life.

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