Benefits of ductless air conditioner units

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The invention of air-conditioning units is probably one of the most important inventions we can all thank for. It has become an essential part of our lives that give us the comfort we need. However, sometimes, it can be more of a hassle to consumers rather than helping, especially if your units are outdated. You may find yourself in a situation, especially in summer, where the heat becomes unbearable even though the air-conditioning unit is on. However, there are several options for you in order to update your cooling system. For complete list of your option you can check out our Air conditioning buying guide. One of these options is to switch to ductless AC units, also known as split system air conditioners. Most consumers do not know the advantage of switching to this type of AC unit that is why ductless AC units are mostly ignored. With its advanced HVAC technology, ductless air conditioning has become a good choice for homes and any establishments, especially schools and hospitals.

Benefits of ductless air conditioner units
Here we’ll explain the advantages of ductless air-conditioning units:

Big-time savings

One of the biggest benefits you can get with ductless air conditioning units is saving lots of money. A lot of homeowners find it that their utility bills have dropped once they switched to ductless AC units. This is because you can have substantial savings if you can control the ability to control the temperature in some specific parts in your home. You can have several indoor units and control the temperature in each room individually. Also, standard duct air conditioners have at least 30% energy loss in the ducts while ductless air conditioners don’t have that energy losses. When you switch to a ductless air conditioner, you will use less energy, thus, reduced monthly payments. You no longer have to worry having to pay ridiculous energy bills throughout the duration of a hot summer, and you can just enjoy your vacation.

Easy and cheap install

Ductless air conditioners are extremely easy and cheap to install. They can be installed in 2 hours and the cost of installation is three to four times lower than installing a duct system in your home. The duct system alone without central AC cost more then the whole ductless air conditioner system with installation costs.

Minimal Noise

Who does not want some peace and quiet when they are at home, school, or work? The annoying thing about other air conditioning units is that they emit too much noise, which can distract you from your ability to just relax or work at home. This will also hinder your ability to have proper sleep at night. You may take into consideration as well those rumbling sound of the central system. However, with a ductless air conditioner, most of the parts are installed on the exterior of your house and uses smaller compressors. They are also designed to have a low decibel operation which is why they operate at extremely quiet levels. This means you will have an increased comfort and a pleasant sleep at night.

Air Quality Improvement

Most traditional duct systems produce poor air quality, which can greatly affect you and your family’s health. They also need to be regularly cleaned in order to remove those allergens and particles you do not want to breathe in. It can cause serious respiratory issues and worst can spread illness. These regular cleanings can require a lot of time and effort, as well as money. However, ductless air conditioning units have efficient filters that can eliminate a significant number of particles in the air, which helps generate less waste and improve the air quality in your home.

Don’t forget to maintain your air conditioner every year. You can even do that yourself simply by following our tutorial on How to maintain your air conditioning system.

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