Epoxy Flooring Company Orlando Explains The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Epoxy Floors

It can be difficult to find flooring solutions that can stand up to the test of time and remain resistant to stains and chemicals spills. While Epoxy Flooring Company Orlando often talk about the many advantages of epoxy flooring solutions, it’s important to remember that every type of flooring comes with a set of disadvantages.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Epoxy Floors

It’s about weighing up the pros and cons of each floor type and choosing the type most suitable for your property. Epoxy floors can be a great solution for both residential and commercial applications. Let’s take a look at some of their pros and cons:

Benefits of Epoxy Floors

  1. Affordable: In comparing to other types of flooring, the cost per square meter of epoxy flooring can be difficult to beat. Unlike many other floor types, it can be installed directly onto concrete, which keeps installation costs to a minimum.
  2. Resistant: Epoxy flooring is resistant to oil, bleach, industrial cleansers, transmission fluid, gasoline and much more. As a result, it is a perfect floor type choice for the automotive industry and residential garages. In addition to being highly resistant to chemical spills, epoxy coating is water and heat-resistant. Furthermore, it is resistant to germs and bacteria, so it is easy to sanitise, making it a popular choice for medical clinics and hospitals.
  3. Appearance: Conventional concrete garage floors are typically very grey and dull looking. An epoxy floor, meanwhile, has a very attractive, bright and professional appearance. Epoxy flooring is incredibly smooth, shiny and easy to keep clean. It is available in a wide range of colours, patterns and designs.
  4. Protective: Epoxy flooring offers protection to underlying concrete from grease, stains, cracks and moisture damage. It can save you a fortune on maintenance and cleaning costs.
  5. Durability: Epoxy floors are valued by many for their exceptional durability. Providing they are properly installed and maintained, the lifespan of the floors exceeds that of many other common floor types. It is not uncommon for floors to last multiple decades without peeling or cracking. The enhanced durability makes them a popular choice for industrial and commercial premises.
  6. Safety: The shiny surface of epoxy flooring provides enhanced visibility as light is reflected off the floor.Benefits And Drawbacks Of Epoxy Floors - 3D epoxy floor

Drawbacks of Epoxy Floors

  1. Slippery: Epoxy flooring can become very slippery when wet, which can present a dangerous safety hazard. You can reduce the slippery properties by opting for a textured design.
  2. Not Dent-Proof: While epoxy floors are highly resistant to chemical spills, water, heat and bacteria, they can be damaged if heavy objects are dropped onto the surface. Dents and chips are a common issue with the floor type in high traffic areas. Dents and chips generally begin as just a small annoyance affecting the professional appearance of the floor, however, over time, they can start to catch wheels on carts, hospital beds, etc.
  3. Smell: A short term drawback on epoxy flooring is that after application, the floors have a strong ammonia smell for a while. Lighter shades produce less potent fumes than darker shades.
  4. Removal: Perhaps the biggest drawbacks of epoxy flooring is that removal is costly and labour-intensive. Consequently, it is not a good choice for those who like to regularly update their decor.

Briefly outlined above are a few of the pros and cons of epoxy flooring. If you plan to use the flooring type in your own home or commercial premises, be sure to contact Epoxy Flooring Company Orlando to discuss your requirements.

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2 thoughts on “Epoxy Flooring Company Orlando Explains The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Epoxy Floors”

  1. I spilled paint in the garage again, and now it looks like a colorful abstract art piece on the concrete floor. Cleaning it is a nightmare. I’m seriously thinking about getting epoxy flooring installed – heard it’s not just durable but also a breeze to clean. You said that here– epoxy flooring can have a relatively low cost per square meter when compared to other flooring options since, in contrast to many other floor types, it can be put directly into concrete, saving on installation expenses.

  2. With my sister recently converting her garage into a multifunctional space, it has become clear that the existing concrete floor is not holding up well to the demands of the transformed area. She needs to know that epoxy flooring is resistant to oil, bleach, industrial cleaners, transmission fluid, gasoline, and much more., which makes it an excellent floor type choice for the automotive industry and private garages. I bet this will make her contemplate getting an epoxy floor installed to not only enhance the garage’s appearance but also to provide a durable and easy-to-maintain surface for various activities, from parking to DIY projects.

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