The Benefits Of Aged Metal Finishing

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If you have metal items that you want to age or distress in some way to give them an antique look, then you should consider the various tools that are available, whilst you should also understand the various techniques that are used to give metal products an aged look.

The Benefits Of Aged Metal Finishing

Indeed, by following these simple tips you can understand the various processes and techniques that are used to give metal products an aged look which can add to their aesthetics while also provide protection against corrosion.


One of the simplest ways that you can give metal products an aged feel is to paint them with a variety of different acrylic paints. Indeed, you could water-down a number of acrylic paints into a consistency resembling ink, which you will wash over the metal item. Indeed, if you want to carry out the process by yourself, then you should coat the product with this particular paint to give it an aged feel. This technique can be carried out at home, but if you want a large number of items ageing then you should consider searching online for a professional company which can help you to achieve the right finish for your metal items.

Chemical treatment

Another popular technique for antiquing the surface of various metal products is to immerse the various items into a bath where they are exposed to a chemical solution. Indeed, this particular technique can be used to create an aged look and feel of your items. If you are looking for a company specialising in antiquing, then you should think about searching online for the various companies that are available in your local area as they will be able to give you advice about which type of antiquing finish is most suitable for your products.

Benefits of aged metal finishing - aged bronze chair


Another technique to antique the surface of a metal item is to plate it with another metal. This particular technique involves submerging the metal item into a solution containing electrolytes and metal ions, which is then electrified to force a bond between the object and the metal ions. This particular technique can be applied in a variety of timescales to achieve different finishes on the metal. Therefore, if you want your product to be highly resistant to corrosion, as well as give a completely different look, you should consider asking your local firm of experts to carry out the plating process for a significant period of time.


Furthermore, the technique of oxidisation can also be used to change the appearance of a metal item to create a weathered or more aged effect. The technique of oxidisation can change the aesthetics of a particular metal product by exposing the metal to oxygen. A number of techniques exist for oxidising metal and they are suitable for a variety of metal surfaces, while changing the immersion time and the concentration of the electrolyte solution can also influence the final colour or finish of the item.

If you are looking to age the surface of a metal product, then you should consider antiquing as the solution that will give you an aged finish to a variety of metal objects.

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