Make Your Bedroom a Chic Twist Thru These Design Tips

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The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, that’s why it needs your complete attention and the perfect style that matches your personality.

Make Your Bedroom a Chic Twist Thru These Design Tips

You will spend most of your time there, so take a look below at some chic design tips to make it look inviting.

Going all rustic

A great idea for your bedroom is to make it a peaceful and comfortable space with nods to classical decor. You can get some old-fashioned frames, and then hang them on reclaimed wooden boards. There’s also the idea of going for log beds with beautiful layered white bedding and textured pillows to give that cozy feeling, and to show the beauty of finely-crafted wood. You could also buy some rustic rope and wrap your lamps with it, and you could install some barn lighting, built into your headboard giving it that nice cabin look. Why stop there when you could also get some stacked, stained wooden crates and use them as your bedside table? The ideas are limitless when it comes to changing your bedroom to have that chic, old-fashioned rustic theme.

Small bedroom? no problem

Sometimes bedrooms can’t take a lot of things because of its small size, but there are ways to work with the space you have and also make it look chic and immaculate. You could keep it simple and go for a neutral palette theme. Choose some subdued, natural colors, and stick with them throughout the small space that you got. Use white cotton sheets, a white linen duvet, and a neutral quilted throw so you can achieve a layered look.

Make Your Bedroom a Chic Twist Thru These Design Tips - bed

No need to rely on bold pops of color to avoid any clutter feeling or visuals; softer color pallets make your room airy and spacious. Speaking of clutter, buying platform beds with dressers underneath is a great idea because of the room’s size. It won’t matter when you maximize with proper storage by using the space under your bed; it solves the problem, avoids clutter, and the room would still look beautiful.

Show off your space

There’s a way to make the space in your room stand out. You could opt to get wall-mount bedside tables; they’re beautifully designed to make sure that every square inch is used. Giving you that little extra room for a showpiece custom headboard, go for a custom grasscloth piece sheathed on your wall, or a pretty floor lamp that matches the colors. And speaking of lighting, sometimes an oversized light fixture like a grass beaded pendant in your room can really make a statement by creating an illusion of even more space in your bedroom. All of these little things can actually make your room the center of attention by utilizing all of it to your advantage and getting that extra space you want.

Make it posh and enjoy the high life

Another nice idea for you is to get a tall gray linen canopy for your bed, making it fit for royalty. Having nice checkered black and white sheets and coverlets will go well with the gray, and a nice checkered carpet can match the color theme of the room.

Make Your Bedroom a Chic Twist Thru These Design Tips - beautiful bed

You could even cover your walls with nice artistic posh frames to brighten it up with cool works of art, or if you want to save some money, then you could cut up old patterned blankets that match the theme and simply insert them into the picture frames. Show off that royalty and chic posh look with these really nice ideas.

Keeping it simple

Give it a warm, welcoming, and cozy look that any bedroom should have. Having your ceiling decorated with simple wood beams, a nice comfortable bench at the foot of your bed, and pendant lighting. The walls would be painted in ammonite white, and your bed tables would be simple black with white traditional lamps. Choose your bedding in light blue to give it that warm feeling and to match with the other colors. Keeping it simple and easy on the eyes without any bold colors will surely be appealing.

Make it eye-catching

You could have your room’s walls clean white, but with bold accents of color, like yellow, for example. The beds would be topped with crocheted-cotton coverlets, and the walls would have red headboards hanging. The floor should have multi colored tiles and a small red carpet to continue giving it that bold and yet playful chic look.

Make Your Bedroom a Chic Twist Thru These Design Tips - modern bed

There are so many ideas for you that can do to make your room beautiful, warm, and welcoming. It all depends on your personal preference as many ideas out there can make your room super chic.

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