Basic Tools That Every DIY Enthusiast Should Own

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If you have recently bought your very first home and you wish to develop your DIY skills by making some improvements, you will need to put together a decent set of tools. Of course, no one expects you to go out and drop a few thousand dollars on the ultimate toolkit, rather you can start small with a few basics and buy tools and equipment as and when you need them.

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Here are some essentials that you should have when you start your first DIY project.


There are 3 types of saw that belong in your toolkit; a ripsaw, which is used for cutting sheets, a tenon saw that is used to cut timber joints and finally a hacksaw for cutting metal. When buying tools, always go for known brands, which will stand the test of time. Buy an assorted pack if metal files to sharpen your saws periodically.

Claw hammer

The claw section is used to remove nails and acquiring a good quality hammer is something you won’t regret.

Cordless power screwdriver

While some people still use regular screwdrivers, buying a cordless power screwdriver will save you a lot of time. The tool has many attachments that clip into place, ensuring that you have the right head for the screws you are using. Another cordless tool that you should get as well would be a rotary tool, which can help with drilling, sanding and much more.

Tile cutter

A handy piece of kit that will enable you to do tiling in the kitchen and bathroom; if you are planning a bathroom renovation, Scott Electrics can wire up the room safely and install a shower unit and hot water on demand appliance.

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Wood plane

Essential for shaving timber, there are several types of plane that help you to shape wood. There are quite a few ways that you can save money when doing a DIY project.

Cutters, grips and pliers

You need a cutter for many reasons; using a straightedge enables you to cut carpet tiles and grips are used in plumbing, while pliers are used to strip electrical wires.

Spirit level

When renovating, there are times when you need to check that something is level and spirit levels come in different lengths. Installing flooring requires the use of a spirit level, as does fitting door and window frames. Click here for Australian government information about home renovations.

When investing in tools and building equipment, you should always choose brands that are well-known and while they might cost a little more, quality tools should last you a lifetime.

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