Some Basic Carpet Cleaning Rules

A new carpet always looks elegant and pleases the eye of its owners with the novelty of fresh colors, clean smell, pleasant and resilient covering, or fluffy pile. Unfortunately, over time, any carpet needs cleaning.

Some Basic Carpet Cleaning Rules

Therefore, in this article, we will look at practical tips to help you keep your carpet clean and extend its life without having to resort to professional carpet cleaning services for as long as possible.

Safe Carpet Cleaners

This is a responsible procedure, without knowing the nuances of which, you can simply ruin the soft nap of the floor covering. Below are the main ways to clean carpets that you can safely use at home.

Baking soda

Baking soda can remove impurities and is also great at absorbing unpleasant odors. It is enough to pour a few tablespoons of dry soda on the stain, and after that, vacuum the area for a while. The carpet will be clean and tidy.

Ammonia and Vinegar

A good stain remover is ammonia. Mix it with washing powder and water. After that, apply the mixture on the stain and rubbed with a brush. You can remove the surface contamination with vinegar diluted with water. It is enough to intensively wipe the problem area and thoroughly ventilate the carpet to get rid of the specific vinegar “aroma.”

Lemon Juice

Use lemon juice to remove ink and dried-on stains. Fresh lemon juice should be left on the carpet for a couple of hours. After that, wash the place thoroughly with warm water.

Regular Brush and Ice Water

Bloodstains and fresh dirt can be removed with a regular brush and ice water (such as melted snow). To do this, rub the stain with vigorous movements, then dry the carpet thoroughly. You can also clean the dust with ordinary snow. It is advisable to take the product outside and knock it out using a broom. The carpet will then look fresh and clean.

Some Basic Carpet Cleaning Rules - brush

Laundry soap

Laundry soap can also cope with stains, but if it is used carelessly, the carpet can take on a washed look. To ensure the removal of dirt, you can dry clean carpets using special compounds. It should be borne in mind that many detergents can be too aggressive and damage the luxury finish. In this case, it is better not to risk it and use such a service as professional cleaning of carpets with export.

Some Useful Tips for Carpet Cleaning

With small children and pets, vacuuming furniture and carpets should be done weekly. Spills and stains, rubbing, and other local contaminations spoil the attractiveness of carpets.

Let’s start by identifying the type of fabric and the kind of stain. You can clean synthetic fabrics at home without professional cleaning services. Blended fabrics require special treatment, so check the cleaning chemistry on the least visible carpet area before attempting to clean the entire carpet.

Some Basic Carpet Cleaning Rules - tips

When the fabric contains more than 50 percent cotton and has complex stains in the visible area, it is better to use the help of the service provided by Carpet Cleaning Company. If possible, stains should be cleaned as soon as they appear – this gives the best results when cleaning carpets; stains are much easier to remove. The most difficult types of stains are those made up of oil and grease.

How to quickly clean carpets?

Carpets need cleaning because of animal hair, children’s games, juice, tea, crumbs, dust. A vacuum cleaner, even the best one, cannot clean the carpet to the end: all the same, there is either dirt or a dusty smell. As a result, in places of active use, it becomes unpleasant to walk on the carpet, and someone even has an allergy.

Not all home methods will help you clean your carpet. Stubborn dirt can only be removed by a professional. If you do not have the desire and time to use folk remedies, or they were simply ineffective, contact a specialized cleaning company. Experts carry out effective cleaning of carpets in the shortest possible time. At the same time, you can choose where to carry out dry cleaning: in the office, at home, or with removal to the workshop of a cleaning company.

During a professional cleaning, safe and at the same time, effective means are used that remove dirt of any nature without damaging the product. Detergents do not harm the pile itself, as well as apartment residents, including pets. In addition, the cleaning company has modern equipment, in particular, powerful washing vacuum cleaners, due to which cleaning will be carried out as efficiently as possible.

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