Not only does a leaky basement decrease your house’s value, but it also makes it prone to flooding. To prevent such dreadful scenarios from occurring, it would be best to waterproof it. This will enable you to use your basement to its fullest without being concerned about the water damaging your home’s foundation and weakening its structure.

Basement Waterproofing

In addition to that, waterproofing your basement will assist in combating nasty odors and expelling allergies, which can pose a significant health hazard to your health. Families as well, not to mention, it will save you from spending a fortune on re-enforcing your foundation later on. The water can result in internal cracks, which will give your house an unappealing appearance. Therefore, to avert this, below are some key points on the importance of waterproofing your house and certain essential factors to consider.

How to know if your Basement is Leaking

Keeping your basement dry eliminates the need for repairs while dealing with health problems caused by mold. Therefore, rather than letting the leak enhance into a significant issue, regularly inspect your basement, and keep an eye for red flags such as:

  1. Crack on the foundation

Concrete cracks are inevitable. They often occur due to the curing process, pressure-induced stress, or settlements as the soil retaining the foundation shifts as time goes by.

  1. Mold

Mold is associated with several distressing issues. It grows where there are little air circulation and a lot of moisture. Since mold produces irritants and allergies, it’s toxic to those with asthma and other respiratory conditions. Other health issues that people experience from it are skin irritation and headaches.

Mold often grows in basements due to flooding. If the issue isn’t dealt with accordingly, it may promote other treacherous molds like toxic black mold. It may appear in various colors such as white, green, or gray, and its texture may appear as a flat stain or fuzzy coating. Depending on its species, it may or may not have an odor. To get rid of the mold issue, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact a mold inspector.

  1. Water stains at the top of the basement wall

Wall stains are often a result of surface runoff or roof runoff issues. However, to waterproof the walls, you should first pinpoint the problem and fix it first. This will also prevent further damages from happening.

  1. Honeycombing

This term refers to the pitted, rough concrete surface caused by partially filling concrete alongside formwork. Honeycombing often implies that your concrete is gravely damaged and needs urgent maintenance. If the issue isn’t dealt with, it will allow water to penetrate the basement and flood it easily.

  1. Tie Holes

When building a strong foundation, steel and wood are used to fashion the form in which the concrete is poured. Afterward, the wood and steel rods should be extracted to allow the concrete to cure. However, the concrete will have a hole of roughly 1.6 centimeters in diameter. The openings should be patched with a cementitious based product. If not, the concrete wall will have several weak spots, which will make your basement prone to water stains, flooding, or drywall or softening of paint over the walls.

Basement Waterproofing - leak

Importance of waterproofing your basement

The basement is important in ensuring waterproof modifications. Therefore, you should keep every aspect of it in good shape, including the basement, whether you use it as a storage facility or it’s finished and livable.

  • Protecting your belongings

Contrary to keeping your belongings outside, it would be best to store them in your basement. However, if it is faulty and vulnerable to flooding, the contrast is negligible. While certain things might be able to withstand the flooding conditions, a number of the things you stored might get damaged by the water, especially crucial documents. Therefore, if you plan to use your basement as a storage facility, be sure to waterproof it.

  • Keep your Foundation Solid

The fundamental purpose of waterproofing your basement is to prevent moisture from getting into your house. Additionally, your house’s foundation keeps it secure and stable and you should always ensure that it is in perfect condition by eliminating potential threats. If not, the unstable foundation can lead to bowing walls or sloping floor. The issues will eventually deteriorate, consequently compromising the comfort, effeteness, and safety of your house.

  • Avert Mold Problems

As stated initially, mold is a significant threat to your health and your house’s value. With the right conditions and some moisture, mold can quickly grow. By and by, it will spread all over your environment, leading to several health issues. However, this can be easily prevented by waterproofing your basement. Therefore, it is best not to compromise but get in touch with a contractor to get assisted in the best way forward.

  • Determining the source of the leak

Since concrete is porous, you can easily distinguish the primary source of the leak. Inspect the corners of the windows and any pipes that might be in the basement. If that isn’t the cause of the leak, attach a strip of aluminum foil on the walls, and hold it in place using duct tape. After a day, pill the aluminum foil off and check the underside of the foil. If it’s moist, water is probably seeping through the outside of the walls. However, if the foil doesn’t have any water traces, there is probably another leak source. Thus be sure to contact a competent and experienced contractor who will assist you in the best way forward.

Why you should Hire a Contractor

Now that you have familiarized yourself with the importance of waterproofing your basement, it would be best if you contacted a contractor to assist you with the repairs, rather than doing them yourself and enhancing the damages. Contractors know the right steps of waterproofing your basement, but they also know the dos and don’ts especially in terms of interior water drainage. It is best to research and get professional contractors who have positive reviews.