6 Inviting Backyard Oasis Ideas for an At-Home Getaway

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You’re dreaming of a backyard that calms and fulfills your soul. Aren’t you? A place where you can enjoy time with friends and family. And maybe enjoy the sky with the love of your life. A small outdoor space of your own – that’s fun, relaxing, and safe from people’s unforgiving eyes. Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, we’re happy to have you here.

backyard pool

Because we figured it out. We know how you can transform your ordinary backyard into the exciting and comfortable space you dream about. Allow us to share these with you.

Set Up a Chic Patio

A patio is amongst the best infrastructure additions to any house. They increase the property value and bring about a super personalized space for entertainment. Plus, any patio at all is undeniably super inviting. We recommend setting up a chic patio if you want your backyard oasis to truly serve as an at-home getaway. When we say chic, we refer to something like this:

You can have modern sectional sofas with a vibrant theme or a compact dining area with wicker chairs and small central tables.

Add a Refreshing Pool Spa Combo

A pool spa combo is basically a combination of a spa and a pool. There’s a small section of the pool that’s dedicated to relaxation. This is the spa, and it’s connected with the pool hydraulically. The rest of the pool is just the pool, and it often has temperature regulation, owing to the spa. It’s a good idea to equip your backyard with this awesome combo. It promises fun for all ages; you and your children can dive in at the same time. The kids can enjoy the pool while you and your partner can wash away stress and body toxins in the spa section. Plus, it makes the pool suitable for year-round use.

Make Room for Cats & Birds

Even if you have a well-designed backyard, it may lose its inviting vibe as you wake up to it every single day. So, it’s best you make room for creatures that are going to call you out to your backyard now and then.

How to do that?

Well, you can keep cats and birds of your own. Set up a dedicated space for them in your backyard. Or invite the cats and birds from Mother Nature by setting up a cat-friendly and bird-friendly garden. Make it greener and inviting for all. Backyards with climbing areas are also inviting for cats.


Incorporate a Small Water Feature

When your pool spa combo is not in use, you can make the spa section of the pool into a small water fountain. Simply add a water pump and let the sound of splashing water soothe you. If you haven’t got the space for a pool spa combo, you can opt for a small-sized fountain or water wall in your backyard. Water has a calming and soothing effect. On days when the weather is suffocating, or your worries are drowning you, you can sit by this water feature with a hot cup of tea. And allow water’s calming abilities to wash it all away.

Make the fresh air cozy & private – All Yours!

Most backyards have low fences. If you reside in a secluded area, you can leave it just as is and invest in a shade instead. However, if you live in a high-traffic area, it’s a good idea to add some privacy to your backyard. You can do so by incorporating hedges or building a shade using bamboo. You can also use wood to construct higher boundaries. If this feels too extreme of a move, you can try a lattice fence. Here are some other fun ideas to make your backyard more private.

Clean it all up for Sports

Before you add a comfortable or chic seating area, a pool spa combo, a water feature, as well as plants & space for cats and birds, determine if anyone in your house is sporty. Or if you like to play a sport or two when gathered with your friends and family. If the answer is yes, make sure you plan the backyard, such that it leaves some space with grass and nothing else. It should be wide enough to accommodate 4-5 individuals for a game of throwball. In case you haven’t got enough space, make sure the seats and tables in your seating are movable. You can easily place them aside when you wish to play.

Final Thoughts

You only need three elements to transform your backyard into an inviting oasis:

  • Comfort
  • Greenery
  • Water

With a place to sit and talk with your friends, relax in the pool, and gaze at the sky, you can truly turn it into an at-home getaway. Just imagine watching and enjoying the birds and butterflies as they linger over plants as you lay back in a warm pool, relaxing. The true joy of life is only a few steps away! Begin transforming your backyard today.

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