Reasons To Avoid Most DIY Furnace Repairs

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It’s usually best to get professional help if you’re experiencing problems with your furnace, as it’s dangerous for unqualified people to attempt to repair a furnace. One reason why you should avoid trying to do it yourself is the fact that you might release toxic carbon monoxide gas into your house. Also, the electrical furnace components can be dangerous if not installed or repaired correctly, and should be handled by a qualified technician.

Reasons To Avoid Most DIY Furnace Repairs

Here are some ways you can determine if your furnace needs fixing, and four reasons you should not attempt to do the repairs yourself (source:

How Do You Know Your Furnace Needs To Be Repaired?

If your furnace isn’t operating as it should, it might be time for repairs.

Look out for the following problems:

  • If the furnace doesn’t start up when it should, there might be an issue with blocked gas or propane flow. It might also be a tripped circuit breaker or a broken pilot light.
  • Check the thermostat if the furnace isn’t keeping your home as warm as it should. It might be something simple, like a clogged filter that needs to be changed.
  • If the furnace is noisy when you turn it on, it might have a dirty condenser, delayed ignition or a defective inducer motor. The furnace could also have a cracked heat exchanger.
  • If the furnace is constantly running and doesn’t shut off, it could also be a sign that it needs repairs. In this case, also make sure your thermostat is not on “continuous fan.”
  • If your gas furnace blower doesn’t turn off, this could mean the limit control switch is faulty and needs to be reset or replaced.

Reasons To Avoid Most DIY Furnace Repairs - broken furnace

4 Reasons Not To Do Repairs Yourself

One of the reasons not to do repairs and maintenance yourself is that you need to show proof of regular inspections when you apply for a homeowner’s policy. It can also be dangerous to the people in your household if you don’t do the repairs correctly.

  1. One of the main requirements for insurance coverage is to have regular inspections and maintenance done of all your home’s equipment. You can, unfortunately, lose your coverage if you don’t have proof that you had your home safeguarded against major claims, such as claims related to fires. Insurance companies will not be sympathetic if you file claims for damage that occurred as the result of a lack of maintenance, e.g. pipes in your house that froze because your furnace wasn’t well maintained.
  2. Doing the repairs yourself can make selling your house difficult. When you put your house on the market, people who are interested in buying it will want to see paperwork that the house underwent regular maintenance and inspections. You need this proof to show them your house is a good investment. Showing potential buyers proof that the furnace has been inspected and maintained will give them peace of mind that they won’t have to do major repairs and replacements in the next few years.
  3. Your furnace could be under suspicion if there is a fire. If there is a fire in your home the fire department inspector will do an inspection for clues about what could have started it. You don’t want to find out the hard way that you lost your home due to a simple mistake that could have been avoided.
  4. It can be dangerous to yourself and others in your house if your repairs go wrong and toxic gas is released in your house.

Final Thoughts

It might be tempting to attempt furnace repairs yourself, especially if it appears that you can save a lot of money. However, if things go wrong, it can cost you more in the long run and it could be dangerous to you and your loved ones at home.

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