How to Avoid a Costly Sewer Repair After You Buy a Home

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Your sewer system’s condition is extremely important and repairing or replacing it is typically an extremely expensive affair. Therefore, as a preventative measure, do not neglect inspecting the sewer system when you are home hunting.

How to Avoid a Costly Sewer Repair After You Buy a Home

We have collated some tips that come in handy while inspecting the sewer system of your prospective home.

Inspect the Sewer Before Buying the House

A general home inspector, hired by almost every buyer, may not properly inspect the sewer system. Hence, a specialist must be hired to perform this task. Typically, a camera is used for sewer inspection as the pictures can uncover several pertinent problems like cracks, blocks, etc. Needless to say, better safe than sorry. So always get the sewer inspected before you decide to purchase a house. Otherwise, you may detect problems later, which can cut a hole in your pocket. In many cases, this one step can save thousands of dollars spent on sewer repair or replacement.

Be Smart When Planting Trees

While going green is the way to live right now, it need not be at the cost of damaging your property. Therefore, always sow the seeds far away from your sewer lines if you decide to plant trees. If the tree that is planted too close to the sewers spreads its roots over a vast area, it may crack or break your lines which must then be replaced or repaired.

Adequate research goes a long way in preventing this mishap. Get a thorough idea of the size of the tree you want to plant, along with its typical root-growth. Roots that grow quickly over a vast area without penetrating the land deeply, can pose problems to your sewers. Trees like Silver Maples and Weeping Willows are infamous for damaging sewer lines, so refrain from planting them too close. You can always get in touch with your utility company if you need help locating your sewer lines. If you already possess this information, you can skip to the next step- deciding where to plant your trees.

How to Avoid a Costly Sewer Repair After You Buy a Home - sewer repair

Keep Trees Watered During Times of Drought

If your area hasn’t witnessed rainfall in months, your tree roots will penetrate further in search of water. Therefore, the drought season accentuates the risk of your trees breaking your sewer lines. Therefore, once the weather turns dry, water your trees more often to prevent a housing catastrophe.

Know the Signs of Sewer Backup

Even if you do everything right, your sewer may experience a malfunction and start backing up. Knowing the indicators of a sewer backup can help you detect this issue at the earliest stage, giving you sufficient time to prevent the situation from worsening. If you continue to ignore them, the issue can damage your house or your entire sewer system may rupture and you’ll be ringing the nearest emergency plumber for the save.

Warning signs of backups include:

  • Your drains start to slow down, which is very noticeable in the case of the lowest drains in your house
  • Water moves to each of the fixtures instead of moving down the drain
  • The pipes make noises

If your sewer starts exhibiting issues, it is best to get in touch with a sewer specialist right away.

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