What Happens With Your Automatic Gates When The Power Goes Off

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Automatic gates can be an excellent addition to any property, whether commercial or residential property. These gates are available in various designs and can be made from various materials also. They can also help improve the aesthetic appeal of your property.

What Happens With Your Automatic Gates When The Power Goes Off

The automatic gates will work using electricity. The motors required to move them draw a lot of power, and it is not ideal to use battery power or a separate generator. As such, you may worry about what you will do when a power cut occurs and how you can get in and out of the property. Do not worry, as you will not be locked in or out and below is what happens to your automatic gates when the power goes out and how you can still use them.

What Happens When The Power Goes Off

When the electricity supply is cut, you will not have to worry as it will not mean you have to do anything special to your automatic gates. When the power goes off, you will not be able to use them in the usual manner, and when the power comes back on, you do not usually have to do anything to enable them to work. When the power comes back, the gates will open and close again at the push of a button, so there is nothing to worry about when dealing with power cuts. However, what do you do when the power goes off and you need to use your gates, the answer is simple, and installers of electric sliding gates for driveways will provide you with a solution.

How To Use Your Gates With No Power

When you are in a position that you have no electricity and need to use your automatic gates, you can still use them without power. However, the gates will no longer work automatically, so you will need to open the gates manually. All electric gates will come with a failsafe release mechanism that allows you to open and close the gates when they have no power.

What Happens With Your Automatic Gates When The Power Goes Off - automatic gate

To engage this, you use the key your automatic gate installers provided when they installed the gates on your property. Once you turn the key, which can look like a regular key or like an Allen key, it disconnects the motor and allows you to push the gates open and close manually. However, you will need to remember to reengage the motor by turning the key the opposite way when the power comes back.

Install A Back-Up Power Supply

There are options for you to consider, including a back-up power supply for your gates, so you can open and close them automatically whether you have power or not. These systems can be expensive and if you do not lose power often, they may be overkill. However, if your gates are on commercial property and you require 24-hour access, it may be worth considering investing in a back-up system which can work on a generator or by batteries. Adding this to your system will allow you to use your gates whether you have power or not.

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