How Automated Palletizing Equipment is a good investment

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Palletizers are convenient machines that handle most of the heavy lifting work in factories and warehouses. Before palletizing equipment were invented, workers had to stack heavy cases onto raised pallets manually. This back-breaking work isn’t just time consuming, it also affects your health in the long run. Thankfully, palletizers are designed to enhance the process of stacking goods and boxes onto raised surfaces for efficient storage.

How Automated Palletizing Equipment is a good investment

After the first palletizer was built in the late ‘40s, manufacturers quickly embraced this technology and started using it to speed up the stacking process. Today, you can purchase an efficient palletizing conveyor without breaking the bank. Here are 4 ways in which automated palletizing equipment is a good investment:

Hastening the loading process

If you run any type of business, you probably understand the importance of efficiency and speed. Stacking boxes manually can be both hectic and time-consuming, especially when you have tons of cases to stack. Palletizing equipment are programmed to lift and stack goods quickly and efficiently. Palletizers also reduce the boatload of errors committed by humans when stacking cases. Big companies should be open to implementing any technology that speeds up processes, owing to the vast scale of their operations.

Lowering operational expenses

Apart from enhancing the speed of operations, palletizing equipment also help to lower operational costs. Manufacturing firms that utilize palletizers require less personnel to handle the delicate docket of in-house stacking. Consequently, such firms will spend less money on salaries, allowing them to channel their resources on more important issues. Companies that stick to the traditional technique of manual stacking usually carry the huge burden of paying bulky remunerations to shift personnel. As a result, this extra cost burden reduces the net revenue generated annually.

Enhancing efficiency and productivity

Apart from using robotic palletizers, some companies are going the extra mile – they’re installing fully automated palletizing equipment consisting of conveyors, accumulators and pallet dispensers. Sure, it might be expensive to install such a colossal palletizing structure, but the benefits accrued are worth every penny. One major advantage of utilizing fully automated palletizing equipment is improving overall productivity and efficiency. Boxes are stacked faster and more accurately. The articulated arm, for instance, conveniently picks packages from the ground (or from a conveyor belt) and consequently places them onto a raised pallet. Conversely, gantry palletizers pick products placed on an overhead crane and positions them in specified locations.

Reducing stress imparted on workers

Employees whose mandate involves lifting heavy cases and placing them on pallets usually face unusual stress in their line of work. They often have to palletize hundreds of products on a daily basis. This action can have tragic consequences on the health of these workers. Naturally, our bodies are not designed to bend over for lengthy periods. The stress might not be apparent at first, but it quickly reveals itself after a few months or years. The heavier the cases being palletized, the faster your health deteriorates. Its better safe than sorry – installing palletizing equipment reduces the negative stress imparted on employees, helping to improve their overall morale. Clearly, purchasing automated palletizing equipment is a good investment for any firm.

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